St. Petersburg Submits Request for 17.7 Million Dollars for Projects in FY25 Federal Budget Proposal

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St. Petersburg Submits Request for $17.7 Million for Critical Infrastructure and Environmental Projects in FY25 Federal Budget Proposal

June 5, 2024 - Last week, U.S. Reps. Kathy Castor (FL-14) and Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13) announced several community projects they have submitted to the House Appropriations Committee for inclusion in the Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Budget.

The City of St. Petersburg submitted seven projects to Representative Castor and Representative Luna for consideration and five were selected for submission to the House Appropriations Committee with a requested value of $17.7 million. This represents a $7.6 million increase over the City's FY24 requested value.

“I’m thankful to Representative Castor and Representative Luna for recognizing the significance of these Community Project Fund requests to our city and carrying them forward in the House of Representatives,” said Mayor Kenneth T. Welch. “These projects are a reflection of our values as a city, demonstrating our commitment to resilience, sustainability, and public safety in every neighborhood.”

“I am grateful for the Community Project Funding requests championed by our distinguished legislators and their continued support of St. Petersburg and our investments in projects across the city”, said Council Chair E Deborah Figgs-Sanders.”This only affirms the collective work of our city leadership and federal representatives listening to our residents and prioritizing their needs.”

“Congressional Community Project Funding requests highlight the impact that federal partnerships can have on our city. The issues that matter to our community are reflected in our requests made to Representatives Castor and Luna for much-needed federal funding,” said Council Member Lisset Hanewicz, Chair of the Legislative Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations Committee. “The five projects submitted encompass many of the city’s top priorities, including water quality improvements, environmental resilience, and flood mitigation. Thank you, Representatives Castor and Luna, for advocating for these federal strategic investments in our city.”

These projects have now been reviewed to confirm there are no ethical conflicts between the members and the projects they submitted. The House Appropriations Committee will review each project on its merits for inclusion in the FY25 Federal Budget.

Selected Projects:


MLK St. South of Salt Creek to 32nd Ave. S Roadway Elevation - $5,000,000

  • This project was identified as part of the Basic C Analysis. The elevation of this section of MLK street is currently too low and floods during high water events and this project will address and remedy the situation.

Seagrass Mitigation Bank - $1,500,000

  • This project will provide funding to implement the Seagrass Mitigation Bank including ledger development, credit generation, and planting seagrasses within the dredge hole boundary. This project will result in improved natural resources and the city will receive approximately $10,000,000 in credits from the Army Corps to either be used on city projects or sold to private developers as a form of mitigation.

Crescent Lake Water Quality Improvements - $1,300,000

  • Crescent Lake is currently considered impaired and has water quality that does not meet state standards. The program is designed to meet the criteria of FDEP. Water quality improvements are needed in Crescent Lake, a regional asset, to improve the conditions of the lake and this project will recommend tasks for water quality improvements.


Bartlett Lake/Salt Creek Pump Station - $9,000,000

  • This project involves the construction of a new master lift station to increase the stormwater conveyance capacity of Basin C. This project was identified in the Integrated Master Plan and Basin C Analysis and will mitigate substantial flooding and access impacts to the neighborhood and surrounding areas of Lake Maggiore. 

Police Take Home Vehicles - $900,000 

  • This project provides funding for the purchase of new take-home vehicles at a cost of $60,000 per vehicle. Hybrid vehicles will be sought based on market availability. Providing officers with their own assigned vehicles allows them to respond in a more timely manner to their designated areas.

Additional Projects

In addition to the projects submitted by the City, there were several projects selected within St. Pete that have the potential to impact residents:

  • 34th St. Corridor Improvements – Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority - $2,500,000

  • Ed White Senior Housing Redevelopment – Housing Authority of the City of St. Petersburg - $5,339,791

  • Research Vessel Modernization & Equipment Upgrades at Florida’s Institute of Oceanography – USF St. Pete - $8,115,000

  • SMART Tech Industry 4.0 Lab – St. Petersburg College - $4,000,000

  • Veteran Workforce Support Center – USF St. Pete - $4,000,000

For more information on the projects, please reference each Representative's website, below: