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blue_ways_160Canoe and Kayak Trails

Spend any length of time in St. Petersburg and you'll soon notice the significant coastal areas that surround our beautiful city. With miles of coastline and numerous, spectacular waterfront parks, St. Petersburg's residents and visitors are offered yet another glimpse into its rich heritage. Experiencing this side of our city has never been easier than now with the CityTrails BlueWays program.

CityTrails BlueWays

Each CityTrails BlueWay presents a unique environmental, historic, and/or scenic vista opportunity.  Many have a ramp, wash station, and canoe and kayak racks. Remember to stow your craft properly before setting out on foot to explore nearby points of interest, parks, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Each CityTrails BlueWay included in this guide also has parking, designated landings, and shorelines open to the public. Respect the privacy and rights of landowners along the BlueWay route by obtaining permission before entering privately owned land.

Please help care for the land, water, and cultural resources along the CityTrails BlueWays system by respecting private property, wildlife, and other enthusiasts. "Leave No Trace," a national outdoor ethics program, provides guidelines to minimize your impact by following these simple concepts. For information on "Leave No Trace," visit

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