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City Trails

What's New in CityTrails?

Bicycling Safety and Shared Lane Markings

Sharrows help build a comprehensive network of bicycle routes in St. Petersburg!


What do these markings and signs mean?

  • Alerts road users of the lateral location bicyclists are likely to occupy within the traveled way
  • Assists bicyclists with positioning in lanes too narrow for a motor vehicle and a bicycle to travel side by side within the same traffic lane 
  • Encourages safe passing of bicyclists by motorists
  • Reduces the incidence of wrong-way bicycling 
Where can you expect to see shared lane markings and signage?
  • Selected streets which may not be wide enough or appropriate for dedicated bicycle lanes
  • On suggested lower-stress bicycle routes following side streets that parallel major roads 
  • Transitions where bicycle lanes or trails end 
  • Where bicyclists should drive outside the door zone of parked vehicles
  • Intersections where safe lane positioning is encouraged

Bicycle Map (Updated map coming soon)
The St. Petersburg Bike Map map depicts shared-use trails and key, developed bicycle routes throughout the city to make it easier for residents and visiting cyclists to navigate St. Petersburg. 

A Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly City

Thousands of city residents and visitors have already discovered the joy of riding bicycles and walking in our community. The climate, beautiful park system, many retail and employment destinations and our wonderful neighborhoods contribute to the opportunities to bike or walk for health, recreation or work. We would like to expand these opportunities and identify ways to make them safer. The city has always had this vision. It was further confirmed during the city's Vision 2020 strategy sessions when so many people identified these features as important.

St. Petersburg has been recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly City for its attention to promoting, educating, and investing in bicycle friendliness. The ranking elevates St. Pete from a Bronze level, which it's held since 2006.

The Coast Bike Share program, bike-friendly events such as Open Streets St. Pete, increased miles of bike lanes and trails, and the Complete Streets Implementation Plan are all examples of the city's commitment to increased sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

The Coast Bike Share program is celebrating one year of service and results show more St. Petersburg residents are using the Coast bike share program on a regular basis. View the 2018 Coast Bike Share Ridership Report.

Let's make St. Petersburg the most "pedestrian and bicycle friendly" city in the country. The Smart Cycling video series from the League of American Bicyclists help you understand how to ride safely, improve comfort, find the right bike and gear, and your rights as a bicyclist. 

What are CityTrails?

St. Petersburg's CityTrails are facilities for primarily bicyclists and pedestrians.  They include bicycle lanes, bicycle routes, recreational trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, and other devices that assist people in getting around St. Petersburg without a motor vehicle.

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