Adopt-A-Drain Program

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Adopt-a-Drain Program

The City is working together with the community to provide information, resources, and educational initiatives related to environmental stewardship and ways to get involved with helping the watersheds we live in. One such initiative is an official Adopt-A-Drain. Through this program, residents and other partners can take part in understanding our connected watershed, make positive impacts on our environment, and join the City in taking care of our local stormdrain system and waterways.

What is a Storm Drain?

Storm drains receive water from a storm (also known as stormwater) and drain it away from the road to a nearby body of water. Stormwater is rainfall that doesn't seep into the ground but runs off over yards, streets, parking lots, and buildings. To prevent flooding, streets are often lined with storm drains to quickly move stormwater off the pavement. As the rainwater travels across these areas toward the drain, it can pick up a lot of sediment and pollutants, contributing to a large amount of polluted stormwater.

Once the water enters the storm drain, underground pipes carry the stormwater directly to a nearby water body. Anything entering a storm drain will travel through the pipe system and drain directly into a nearby water body with no advanced treatment. In Florida, the stormwater system is completely separate from the sewer system. The sewer and storm drain pipes do not connect. Sewage gets treated at a local wastewater treatment facility.

How Do I Adopt a Drain?

Adopting a storm drain is a simple process that can make a big impact. Simply submit your information into the interest form below and a City representative will reach out to you to discuss how best to serve you. This application process will include determining the exact storm drain(s) you can adopt, how best to look after them, and ways to stay in touch and get noticed for your efforts in the community!

Adopt-A-Drain Interest Form and Application

What Can I Expect with Adopting a Drain?

Our adoption program encourages the community directly to take ownership and stewardship over our stormwater assets. Once adopted, your storm drain will need monitoring and occasional help if you see litter or debris threatening our storm system. Once adopted, you can keep us informed of the health of your drain and report back to the City on your impact. Be prepared to do some work in protecting our waterways - you may even be recognized for your efforts! We encourage you to sign up to the adoptee email list where we can let you know of important events or information that will help you in your environmental stewardship program, and stay tuned for more ways to integrate the Adopt-A-Drain program into other initiatives like storm drain markings, murals, and volunteer opportunities within your community.

Coming Soon!

Look for a public dashboard to see your community and the available drains that are up for adoption!