Fix a Violation

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For Residents Who Receive a Letter

A letter from the Codes Compliance Assistance Department is a call to positive action. Proper repair of violations makes any home cleaner, safer, more appealing, and more valuable. Depending upon the violations identified and the property owner's willingness and ability to make needed repairs, a letter can be the first step to qualify for volunteer or financial assistance to achieve compliance. By taking positive action to resolve the violations and talking regularly with an investigator about personal needs and the progress of the work, cases can be quickly closed to compliance.

To contact their investigator, residents should use the telephone number from the notice letter that appears at the bottom of the letter next to the investigator's name. When in doubt, residents can call 727-893-7373.

Residents who receive a letter for a property they no longer own should contact the Codes Compliance Assistance Department at 727-893-7373, or the investigator listed on the letter. In some cases, there can be a time gap of 4-6 weeks from when a property is sold to when the County informs the City of the transfer to a new owner.

Next Steps for Residents

The following instructions are provided to help residents understand what to do and what to expect after receiving a letter.

Notice of Hearing

A Notice of Hearing must be treated seriously - If you have received a "Notice of Hearing" instructing you to appear before the Code Enforcement Board, it is your responsibility to attend the hearing or to arrange to have an authorized representative appear on your behalf. If the representative you designate to attend the hearing is not your attorney or other legally recognized representative (such as the officer of a company that owns the property) the representative must present an Authorization to Represent to the Recording Secretary for the Code Enforcement Board and Special Magistrate, prior to the hearing. The authorization must be an original notarized document and is available on the Forms & Reports page of this website.

Assistance Programs & Resources

Residents should speak with their investigator regarding any issues of challenges they may be experiencing that could prevent them from meeting their compliance date. The investigator may be able to help direct residents to City-sponsored assistance programs. 

City Loan Programs

The City offers home repair loans to qualified applicants who own and occupy single family residences in the city of St. Pete. Applicants must meet minimum credit underwriting standards and maximum gross household incomes, as defined by HUD's median family income (MFI). For information on loan programs visit the Grants and Loans page.

Florida 2-1-1 

Florida 2-1-1 is a free, confidential service that connects Floridians with local community-based organizations across the state offering thousands of different programs and services. Dial 2-1-1 from any cell phone and most landlines to be connected or visit the 2-1-1 website housing and utilities page for more information.  

HEC3 & Swap Shop

The Household Electronics and Chemical Collection Center (HEC3) & Swap Shop provides hazardous household waste, electronic, and chemical disposal services and offers used household products like paint, cleaners, and automotive fluids free of charge to the public for reuse. Visit their website for additional information.

Neighborhood Team (N-Team)

The Neighborhood Team, or N-Team, is staffed by City employees who, along with volunteers, assist people in need and improve the community. Free home improvement services are available to St. Pete homeowners who are elderly, disabled, or low-income. Learn more by visiting the N-Team page.

Pinellas County Extension

Visit the Pinellas County Extension for information on landscaping, planting, mulch & finished compost.