Storm Drain Marking Kits

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Storm Drain Marking Kits

Storm drains are designed to drain excess rain and groundwater from streets and other paved surfaces during a storm. The City provides storm drain markers to let neighborhoods know that storm drains are only for rain and to educate the public on the need to prevent stormwater pollution at the source. These signs raise awareness about the connection between storm drains and local waterways and can help to deter littering, excess fertilizer use, dumping, and other practices that contribute to stormwater pollution and localized flooding. Kits include the markers, maps, and the tools needed to attach the markers to the storm drain covers.

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Storm Drain Marking Instructions

A storm drain marking kit contains enough safety vests for all on the team, plenty of adhesive tubes, a caulking gun, a wire brush, a pair of snips to open adhesive tubes, a piercing wire (to pierce inside seal on the tube), a hammer and chisel (to remove old markers if needed), rags (to help keep things clean), and the storm drain signs.

Prepare: Marking the drains should be done in teams of at least two people so that one may watch for traffic. Adult supervision is necessary with children.

  • Safety vests should be worn while marking the drains.
  • Make sure the storm drain lid is flat, dry, and free of loose debris.
  • The sign should be centered on the storm drain lid about 6” to 12” from the street edge. Use the brush provided to lightly scrub the surface where the marker will be placed and sweep the loose debris away from the storm drain lid.
  • If old signs need to be removed, use the hammer and chisel to pry off the old signs and then follow these cleaning instructions.
  • If the signs have a protective backing, peel it off.
  • Prepare the caulk gun by cutting about ½ of an inch off the end of the adhesive tube and piercing the inside seal of the tube using the piercing wire. Pull back the handle of the glue gun, insert the tube, and push the handle back in.

Attach: Use caution with the adhesive as it can be messy and can be difficult or impossible to remove from skin and clothing.

  • On the back of the sign, place a line of adhesive around the edge about one inch from the edge. Draw an X in the middle from one corner to the opposite corner. The adhesive line should be about a quarter of an inch thick. After applying the glue, pull back on the handle to release pressure on the adhesive (or it may continue to come out).
  • Position the sign over the storm drain lid so that the writing can be read from the street. It should be centered on the storm drain lid about 6” to 12” from the street edge.
  • Press the sign firmly into place and use a rag to wipe away excess adhesive.