22nd St. S. Corridor Improvements

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22nd st. s. Corridor Improvements

Project Overview

The corridor of 22nd St. S. from 5th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S. has been identified for improvements as part of the Joint Action Plan from October 2018. The goal of this project is to create a more livable and pedestrian-friendly environment along the whole corridor.

The Deuces District has identified the area of 22nd St. from 9th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S. as an area that would benefit from a “festival” type street. This area could be utilized for multiple public events and create a walkable area for vendors and public. 

The area from 5th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S. is being designed as a streetscape improvement to include additional bike lanes and parking. Additionally, two areas were identified where the public has a need for a park type setting, which would allow for events to take place and public to congregate.  

These improvements will be implemented in phases, primarily four elements which are being designed by our consultant CPH:

  1. Festival street from 9th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S.
  2. District Park at 5th Ave. S.
  3. Deuces Park at 9th Ave. S.
  4. Streetscape improvements from 5th Ave. S. to 9th Ave. S.

The City is also proposing utility improvements along this corridor to include the construction of a new watermain from 5th Ave. S. to 11th Ave. S. and a new sanitary main from 5th Ave. S. to 7th Ave. S. The construction for the utility improvements will be combined with the streetscape improvements to lessen impacts on the community.

Potential Public Impact

The City will actively work to mitigate as many traffic impacts as possible. For the festival street and utility construction, lane closures and vehicle/pedestrian detours are anticipated. All areas will be signed and noticed appropriately and the City and Contractor will work with businesses to minimize impacts.

Project Timeline

The festival street, District Park and Dueces Park will be partially funded by a CDBG grant which will expedite the design and construction schedule. A tentative construction start is Spring 2021. 

The streetscape improvements are being partially funded by an FDOT LAP Grant where funding is programmed for a later year. Tentative construction is 2025, however, the City is working to expedite the construction in line with the other elements.  

Public Input Opportunities

Virtual Public Meetings

Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 6:30-7:30 p.m.


For more information or questions, reach out to Aaron Carmella at aaron.carmella@stpete.org or 727-893-7019.