Appian Way Feasibility Study

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Appian Way Feasibility Study

Project Overview

The intersection of Appian Way NE. and Snell Isle Blvd. NE. is located along the center of a main entry and egress for the Snell Isle Neighborhood. This intersection exists at a relatively low section of the neighborhood and is occasionally susceptible to flooding during high rain and high tide events. In order to help mitigate this risk, the stormwater conveyance system was improved with larger diameter pipes and backflow preventer. This system prevented tidal waters from inundating the system and was installed along the major outfall of Appian Way NE. in 2007.

The City has plans to upgrade this stormwater system with a proposed stormwater pumping station that could work in concert with the existing backflow preventer. This improvement project would address extreme tidal events as well as rainfall events with an improved level of service. Being designed under our resiliency-focused infrastructure plan will help this system operate during current conditions and in forecasted future conditions. Key components of the project include:

  • New stormwater pumping station
  • New stormwater conveyance system
  • Roadway improvements

The project is currently in the feasibility stages of design and will require stakeholder engagement from the public to better guide the final design criteria. In order to the best serve our residents, a public meeting will be held to discuss current alternative designs and to incorporate comments into the project moving forward. The purpose of this meeting is also to coordinate with the public to ensure minimal impact to the community once the construction begins.

Public Input Opportunities

Public Meetings

Virtual Public Meeting
December 4, 2020 at 6-7 p.m.