Deuces Rising

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Deuces rising

Project Overview

The Deuces, a beacon of minority talent, creativity, and entrepreneurship, has always been an iconic asset of the Sunshine City. The City of St. Petersburg is committed to partnering with the community to restore the bright light of 22nd Street South that once served as a signature ray of St. Pete’s fabled sunshine.

In keeping with its focus on changing the trajectory of impoverished residents in South St. Pete, the City has begun working toward a transformation of The Deuces with a commitment to invest in people at least as much as places. While true change lies in creating opportunity for people, places, and their associated quality of life are also important. That is why the City is excited to enter the next chapter of this vision for South St. Pete with the introduction of Deuces Rising: an integrated, comprehensive place-making plan.

The Deuces Rising vision is comprised of a welcoming gateway, housing that is affordable, new parks, and an infusion of resources that encourage private businesses to thrive.