Housing Initiatives

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ALERT: A press release was distributed after the St. Petersburg City Council meeting held on March 23, 2023. Read more about the meeting, here.

NTM-1 Map Amendment

Project Overview

The City of St. Petersburg is initiating a rezoning of qualified properties to NTM-1 (Neighborhood Traditional Mixed Residential) along qualified Future Major Streets. Under this proposed change, single-family houses may expand to include accessory dwelling units (e.g. garage apartments) or be redeveloped up to a maximum of four (4) residential units. These units may be developed as rental apartments, townhouses, or condominiums.

Letter of Introduction: Detailed Description

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Derek Kilborn, Manager
Urban Planning and Historic Preservation Division
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OTher Adopted Ordinances

LDR 2022-01 Accessory Dwelling Units, Ord. 509-H
On July 14, 2022, City Council adopted Ordinance 509-H. This ordinance includes important changes that expand Accessory Dwelling Units into the NS (Neighborhood Suburban), NT-3 (Neighborhood Traditional), and NSM (Neighborhood Suburban Multi-family) zoning categories, with conditions. A parking exemption for properties within 1/8-mile of delineated High Frequency Transit Routes and other minor changes to the Accessory Living Space standard were also included.