SunRunner Project

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SunRunner Project

Project Overview

Join Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and the City of St. Petersburg in welcoming the SunRunner — a new train-like transit line that will connect downtown St. Pete to South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

The SunRunner is Tampa Bay’s very first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project offering a modern, fast transportation service. The bus runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the evening with limited stops and semi-exclusive travel lanes.

Service opened for operation in 2022.

What to expect during construction

Bike Lanes

Bicycle lanes along 1st Ave N. and 1st Ave. S. in St. Pete will be shifting to Central Ave. in some portions of the corridor as part of the SunRunner project. East of 34th St., bike lanes will continue on 1st Ave. N. and 1st Ave. S.

New bike lanes have been installed on Central Ave. between 58th Street and 34th Street.

See a map of these changes at

On-street Parking Modifications

There will be modifications to existing on-street parking that's necessary to provide the stations and transit lane. On-street parking on both sides of both 1st Ave. N. and S. to remain west of 34th St., except at station areas. Parking is being converted to a bike lane from 20th St. to 34th St. and parking will be removed from the left side of the avenues at station locations. On-street parking to the inside curb lane (left side) of both 1st Ave. N. and S. will remain east of 34th Street and parking to the outside curb lane (right side) will be removed, except at station areas.


Currently, SunRunner stations are being built on both 1st Ave. N. and 1st Ave. S. Stations will be varied as to location, amenities and art.

Bus and Turn (BAT) Lane

As part of the SunRunner configuration, BAT lanes will be added to both 1st Avenues.

The BAT lane will be the left-most lane on the 1st Avenues. No need to memorize that - there will be signs and street markings designating the lane. The lanes will be painted red and say “BUS ONLY” with a turn arrow.

What does that mean for turning left along the avenues? Drivers can use the lane to turn left at intersections and to access businesses along the route.

features and benefits

Bus Features

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-board bike space
  • Smooth, level boarding
  • Multi-door boarding
  • Easily prepay with your smartphone or other device

Community Benefits

  • Boosts property values
  • Offers an inviting transportation option for commuters to get to and from downtown and the beaches
  • Frees up parking spaces with fewer cars on the road
  • Improves safety with wider bike lanes and safer crosswalks in key areas
  • Showcases unique community character through public art at select stations
  • Encourages more community connectivity
  • Provides attractive car-free options

Economic Benefits

  • Brings more foot traffic to local businesses
  • Promotes tourism spending by allowing easy access to popular attractions
  • Widens the talent pool of employees by providing reliable transportation
  • Increases amount riders can spend in local businesses when they save on parking or rideshare
  • Streamlines traffic movement for delivery drivers and local customers

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Reduces harmful emissions, demand for fuel and offshore drilling
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