West Central Avenue Streetscape

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ATTENTION: West Central Avenue Streetscape Survey #3 is now available.

West Central Avenue Streetscape

Project Overview

The West Central Avenue Streetscape Project has three basic components: streetscape design, water main replacement and branding. The project limits are from Park St. E to 58th St. The update to the West Central Master Plan will be informed by public input as it establishes a vision and a brand for the area. The design will work with the City’s Complete Streets Implementation Plan regarding desired operating speeds and multimodal networks.

About West Central Avenue

The Central Avenue corridor in St. Petersburg is a major east-west connector, where north and south St. Petersburg meet, linking residents and visitors to downtown, to beaches and all the businesses in between.

Central Avenue Revitalization Plan

In 2012 the City created the Central Avenue Revitalization Plan in response to the desire to create a “unified vision for Central Avenue that allows the individual districts to develop and maintain their unique identities.” Since 2012 the Central Arts, Edge and Grand Central Districts have undergone street improvements, contributing to the economic vibrancy of those areas.

Key Project Information

  • Design will be data-driven in conjunction with public input and this project’s fiscal constraints. 
  • Improvements include: curb ramps, sidewalk, bike lanes, enhanced crossings, mast arm traffic signal poles and landscaped medians. 
  • Some disruptions to access can be expected during construction; therefore, schedules of construction will be communicated. 
  • Watermain construction may interrupt typical service for about an hour at a pre-scheduled time. 
  • Funding is provided by Penny for Pinellas and City of St. Petersburg Water Resources Department. 

What to expect on West Central Avenue

  1. Reconstructing curb and curb ramps, sidewalks and driveways for safety and ADA Compliance. 
  2. Replacing span wires with new mast arm traffic signal poles at three intersections. 
  3. Enhancing crosswalks at four intersections. 
  4. Potentially installing new landscape medians and pedestrian crossings along the corridor. 
  5. Addressing street lighting. 
  6. Creating a brand for the West Central District for future implementation. 

While the West Central Streetscape Project is under construction, the City will also be replacing the water main with an 8-inch waterline along the northern edge of the roadway and place most meters underground.

Project Timeline

The project will begin construction in Summer 2022 for completion in Winter 2023.