Not My Child

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anti-violence. pro community.

Not My Child is a community campaign meant to encourage positive enrichment for youth, share strong anti-violence / pro-community messages, and promote safe neighborhoods. Formerly known as Not My Son, a campaign conceived to support young African American men, Not My Child has been expanded to reach all youth across St. Pete.

A true community effort, the Not My Child campaign is focused on engaging parents, families, and their neighbors in the lives of St. Pete’s youth, to encourage them to make positive choices.  

Once the school year commences, community walks will continue every second Friday night. All are welcome to help spread the word door-to-door that education, opportunities, and positive relationships are the formula for hope and success in our community.

How To Get Involved

  1. Take the pledge. Share it with a friend

  2. Partner with us. Co-host a Not My Child event

  3. Join us for a Community Canvass. Each Friday during the summer break we take our message of "Not My Child" to the streets of St. Pete with the simple goal of building relationships and encouraging positive youth achievement.

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