Pet Ownership

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Pet Ownership

Rules for Dog Owners


  • Pick up and dispose of dog waste to help keep pets and the environment healthy.
  • Keep dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet long in areas open to the public, including City parks.
  • Dogs may be off leash in fenced, designated dog parks.
  • Dogs may be off leash in enclosed or limited areas for an event of limited duration as designated by City Council.
  • Dogs are not permitted in athletic fields and playgrounds.
  • Supervise your pet at all times.

Private Locations

  • Keep dogs on a leash if at a location other than the dog owner’s, unless given permission by the property owner or occupant.
  • Dogs may be off leash within a fenced area on or off the premises of the owner.

Adapted from City Ordinance Sec. 4-55.

Dog Park Locations

  • Coquina Key  3595 Locust St. SE.
  • Cresent Lake 1320 5th St. N.
  • Kenwood 401 20th St. N.
  • Lake Vista 1401 62nd Ave. S.
  • North Shore 901 North Shore Dr. NE.
  • Walter Fuller 7901 30th Ave. N.

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Dog Friendly Businesses

 Many St. Pete businesses welcome dogs. Find and support local businesses in the Pet-Friendly Map at

Keep It Clean

Why is picking up dog waste so important? Besides being unpleasant to step in, dog waste that isn’t picked up can make its way to local waterways via rainwater. The bacteria found in dog waste poses a threat to public health and water quality.