South St. Pete People-Based Grants

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South St. Pete People-based Grants

Grants Overview

Redevelopment Micro Loan Program provides funding to small businesses ranging between $2,500 and $5,000 within the South St. Petersburg CRA in exchange for their successful completion of a business curriculum administered by The Greenhouse. The program helps businesses develop capacity through increased education, mentoring and networking and receive CRA funding to make targeted improvements without needing upfront capital. 

Capacity Building for Family Child Care Homes provides family childcare homes an opportunity to apply for an award of up to $10,000 to pay for eligible capital improvements related to upgrading the section of the house devoted to the childcare business. The operator must complete a curriculum designed by The Greenhouse and its partners to increase the capacity of the operator and provide a pathway for expanding their business into a traditional childcare center.

Academy for Business in Child Care Development provides childcare centers an opportunity to apply for an award of up to $10,000 to fund improvements that strengthen the financial viability, growth potential, and independence of the childcare centers. Funding will be awarded after the center operator completes the curriculum designed by The Greenhouse and must be spent on approved improvements.

Youth Farm at Enoch Davis is the creation of a cradle to career pathway for food systems careers and entrepreneurship in our school system, starting with the establishment of a Youth Farm demonstration project at the Enoch Davis Center in South St. Petersburg. View the Youth Farm Overview Flyer to see what the team has been up to.

The Youth Farm program includes five key components:

  1. Entrepreneurship Experience and Training – The Youth Farmers will learn essential business skills as they form a business plan, market the produce, sell the produce, and manage their accounts. Workforce readiness will include training in key soft skills - communication, dressing for success, maintaining a work ethic, etc.
  2. Youth Leadership Development – Empowered to be leaders on the farm, Youth Farmers will be making daily operational and big-picture decisions such as serving on steering committees, pitching new ideas and learning essential leadership and team-building skills.
  3. Food Systems Training and Education – Health and nutrition education involves sustainable urban agriculture experience and learning to address social and health challenges relating to the food system.
  4. Culinary Training – Youth Farmers will learn to prepare nutritious and delicious meals and follow best practices for food safety.
  5. Pay and Recognition – All participants will have opportunities to either receive financial compensation through youth stipends, youth business profits, or Time Bank credits they can trade for goods or services. All hours devoted to the project will be logged and recognized. Youth leaders are encouraged to include experiences on a student’s resume and/or be used towards required volunteer hours (for graduation or Bright Futures).

South St. Petersburg Workforce Development Collaborative is a collaboration with the Pinellas Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition (PERC) to provide education and job training to residents of the CRA.