Employee Rental Assistance Program

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Assistance for City Employees


Eligible employees may qualify for up to $500 per month (which is taxable income) over a two-year period. Recent changes allow more employees to qualify. Be sure to read through, even if you were not previously eligible.

Eligible Employees

  • Any full-time employees earning $60,900 or less
  • Must be renting within the city limits of St. Pete
  • Completed their probationary period or are within 30 days of the end date
  • Must take personalized financial education classes. Recertification is required at 8 and 16 months.

How to Apply

  1. Log into Oracle and navigate to Employee Self Service
  2. Click Authorization & Forms
  3. Click Employee Rental Assistance Form

Be prepared to upload supporting documentation of income for other household members (except dependents under age 30 with no dependents; or in school; or unrelated household members such as roommates), and a valid signed rental agreement or lease (all pages).

Employees without a City email account will be required to provide a personal email address in the Personal Information section of Oracle Employee Self-Service to receive notifications regarding the application.

How Assistance is Determined

Assistance is determined by two factors:

  1. Documented total gross household income, limited to the maximum amounts shown in the below table by household size.
Household Size Maximum Income
1 $60,900
2 $83,520
3 $93,960
4 $104,280
5 $112,680
6 $121,080
7 $129,360
8 $137,760

           2. Calculated gap payment is the difference between the documented monthly rent payment less 30% of the applicant's total monthly household gross income.

Gross household Income x 30% / 12 months = $1,500
Monthly Rent = $1,700
Monthly Income = $1,500
Gap Payment = $200/month

Rental Assistance for Non-Employees

For housing and renter resources for non-City employees, residents can visit rent.pinellas.gov.