Accessory Dwelling Units

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The City of St. Petersburg Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program allows owner-occupants to create a separate rental unit within their home, as an addition to their home, or in a separate building on their property. They can create smaller, independent units, known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) which can be rented if desired.


In July 2022, the City expanded eligibility to build an ADU into more neighborhoods throughout the City. To verify if an ADU is allowed on your property, please email your request for verification to and include your address. For those who qualify, we offer loans to build approved ADU designs.

Designing Your ADU

There are many ways to design and build your ADU. Since an Accessory Dwelling Unit is classified as an independent unit, it must be permitted and inspected as such. A unit must comply with all building and zoning codes. Below are some important code and other design considerations for ADUs:

  • a full unit, which includes a bathroom and kitchen and may include a separate utility and electric meters and mailing address if desired
  • two means of egress, which are ways for people to exit the building
  • provision of an extra parking space on the property
  • addition or new detached structure must match the architectural style of the existing home
  • maximum unit size is 800 square feet or 67% of the existing home, whichever is less
For a list of zoning and design requirements, visit here, or email us at with your questions or to schedule a meeting with our team.

How to Apply for an ADU Permit

Building and Zoning Code Requirements

Complete a Building Permit Application

Support for South St. Pete Homeowners

Details and potential eligibility below:

  • Own a home within the South St. Pete Community Redevelopment Area
  • Live in that same home
  • Plan to build your ADU as an addition to your home, convert part of the existing home into an ADU, or
  • Plan to build your ADU on your property
  • Work with a contractor to permit the ADU through the City
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