Housing Opportunities For All

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Helping residents find their place in St. Pete

Mayor Welch's Housing Opportunities For All Plan

Opportunity starts at home. The City of St. Petersburg has a comprehensive 10-year plan to address housing affordability through logical housing policies to help middle- and working-class residents in St. Pete.

The 'Housing Opportunities For All' plan aims to:
- Produce new affordable units
- Preserve existing affordable housing
- Protect tenants

Follow Our Progress

Find current and planned affordable housing developments, actions taken, and more below. 

Affordable Housing Progress

apartment building icon with six windowsSettle in St. Pete

Producing more affordable units to better meet the demand for housing in St. Pete

The City is committed to ensuring that residents can settle in St. Pete. Expanding housing programs, providing incentives to developers, and being strategic with funding and processes is the way to make accessible and affordable housing available to all. In addition to creating and preserving 3,200 more multi-family units, below are some ways the City is working towards increasing the housing supply in St. Pete.


Progress in Action

icon-safeStay in St. Pete

Preserving existing affordable housing so residents can grow roots in St. Pete

The City is working to preserve units and homes, making current properties more livable long term. These solutions will also help prevent residents from falling into homelessness.


Progress in Action

icon-stable1Stable in St. Pete

Protecting tenants to ensure they have safe and secure housing

The City of St. Petersburg is committed to addressing the needs of residents who rent. This commitment has been made possible through the consistent efforts of City Council and federal legislation work. We protect tenants by ensuring housing is safe and discouraging evictions through strong tenant protections.


Progress in Action