Programs & Rebates

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Save Water & Money

Every local resident and business can play a role in helping to conserve St. Pete’s precious water resources. The City and its partners assist customers with their water conservation efforts by providing publications, rebates, and giveaway items. Funding is limited for all programs. Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise stated; a waiting list is unavailable.

Rainwater Rebate Program

Rebates are available to single-family residential stormwater utility customers when they install rainwater catchment devices such as rain barrels, rain totes or rain gardens.

Restaurant Spray Valve Replacement Program for Food Service Providers

Foodservice providers can receive a free water-efficient pre-rinse spray valve. This dishwashing valve is more forceful and precise in removing particles from dishware and could reduce water use by up to 300 gallons a day. St. Petersburg water customers who are also owners or managers of restaurants, nursing homes, care facilities, hospitals, retail establishments or other businesses with a pre-rinse wash station can obtain more information by calling 727-892-5611.

Indoor Water Conservation Kits

The St. Petersburg Water Resources Department is providing indoor conservation kits to water customers. Each kit includes a low-flow showerhead, toilet leak detection dye tabs, and faucet aerators for the kitchen and bathroom. To receive a free kit, St. Petersburg water customers should bring a utility bill to the Water Resources Department at 1650 Third Avenue North, Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit Rebate

Tampa Bay Water Wise is offering rebates of up to $100 to homeowners who replace their existing toilets that use 3.5 gallons or more per flush with high efficiency EPA WaterSense certified toilets. NEW! Eligible customers can receive a $40 rebate for replacing a 1.6 gallons per flush toilet with a WaterSense certified toilet flushing1.28 gallons or less. More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website

Smart Irrigation Controllers Rebate

Tampa Bay Water Wise will provide to qualified customers FREE installation of a WaterSense certified soil moisture sensor or evapotranspiration controller. As an alternative, you can select your own device and contractor and receive a rebate up to $250.  More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website.

Shallow Wells for Outdoor Irrigation Rebate

Tampa Bay Water Wise is offering rebates of up to $1,000 to homeowners designated as deficit or excessive irrigators for the installation of a shallow well to replace potable water irrigation. More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website

Rebates for Businesses & Organizations

Office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, multi-family properties, builders, and more can benefit from rebates for making water-efficient choices. Tampa Bay Water Wise offers rebates for high efficiency toilets, urinals, cooling towers, commercial dishwashers, spray valves, urinals, and more. The Customizable Rebate offers reimbursement of up to 75% of project costs, up to $40,000 per project. More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website.

Water Incentives Supporting Efficiency

The Southwest Florida Water Management District covers up to 50 percent of costs up to $20,000 to support water conservation projects in multi-family, government, and commercial facilities. More information on the WISE website.


St. Petersburg residents are discovering that a few simple changes can dramatically decrease water use, improve the health and beauty of their landscapes, and help preserve Florida's natural environment. 

The annual Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Award is awarded to curators of attractive, water-efficient landscapes that conserve water and protect the environment. Individuals and businesses can apply to be recognized for their yard's beauty and resiliency. 

Winners receive a special prize and have the opportunity to be recognized by local elected officials at the awards ceremony held in conjunction with the annual City Beautification Awards at Sunken Gardens. 

Learn more and apply for a Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Awards on the Water Wise Awards page.