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Residential Collection

Find collection schedules and collection changes due to holidays here. 

Residential Sanitation Utility Rates

Residential Collection

The Sanitation Department services over 76,000 private household accounts using one-man fully-automated trucks to pick up the provided alley or curbside containers. The city is divided into 31 residential routes.

Approximately 40% of the city's trash collection consists of alley service. Generally, 300-gallon containers are placed in the alleys for use by three to four homes. If the container closest to your home is full, you may use other containers on the alley. If this is not possible please hold your refuse until the containers have been dumped. Never place trash or other refuse around the containers.

By City ordinance (Sec. 27-471), customers may place both trash and recycling containers at the curb by 7 p.m. the night before collection or by 7 a.m. on the customer's designated trash or recycling day, including 90-gallon automated containers. Containers must be moved from the street and placed by the side or rear of the customer's residence by 7 p.m. the same day following collection.

Good Neighbor Guide: Trash & Recycling

Starting Service

Residential trash and bi-weekly recycling collections are billed on a customer's monthly water statements. In order to become a customer, you will need to sign up for service through the city's Utility Billing and Collections department. Once you have signed up for service, the Sanitation Department will deliver a blue recycling cart to your single-family or multi-unit (up to 4) address.

Container Repair

Keep trash dry during the rainy season. The rainy season in St. Pete runs between June 1 and October 31. Call the Container Maintenance division at 727-893-7398 if your container lid needs to be repaired. If your container is leaking, contact Sanitation Department Customer Service at 727-893-7398, Monday through Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to report it.

Before and After Major Storms

The rainy season includes the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane occurring in our area. Before any weather emergency, citizens are requested to secure loose items around their property as well as pick up loose or stray limbs or debris that might pose potential hazards during a storm. Once the storm threat has passed and cleanup begins, the city encourages citizens to work with the Sanitation Department as they begin Picking Up the Pieces.

Residential Recycling 

The Residential Recycling Program is a single stream (all recyclables in one container) program for all single-family and multi-unit locations with 1-4 units that began in 2015. Recycling collections occur on a designated day every other week. 

Customers may recycle glass, aluminum and steel cans, steel jar lids, milk & juice cartons, drink boxes, plastics #1-7, newspapers, magazines, mail, shopping ads, windowed envelopes, mixed paper and cardboard in the container provided. A monthly fee has been added to customers' utility bills. 

Alley collection of recyclables began in 2016, for customers who currently have trash collection in the alley. Collection of recycling, either alley or at the curb, will continue to occur on your designated recycling day. 

Each year around mid-December, customers are mailed recycling calendars for the upcoming year. Customers are encouraged to keep track of their recycling collection days by printing a personalized zone calendar or using the free St. Pete Collects mobile app.

For more information, visit

Backyard Service

Single-Family Residence, Business, or Institution

Backyard Service is a fee-based service where the solid waste container is removed from behind the property by Sanitation employees, dumped, and returned to the back of the property.  The recycling container is serviced in the same way at no additional cost to those residents who pay for solid waste backyard service.

Tub-Out Service

To accommodate persons with disabilities or those unable to maneuver large trash or recycling containers to the street, the Sanitation Department offers a Tub Out service at no additional charge.  

Under the Tub Out program, Sanitation employees collect the container from its current location on a customer’s property, dump it and return it to its original location.  

Currently enrolled Tub Out customers who wish to participate in Residential Recycling will automatically receive Tub Out curbside recycling collection. New customers wishing to participate in the Tub Out program will need to apply for the service and submit certification from a qualified medical provider. 

Standby Service

Customers who plan to be away for at least two months may have regular collection temporarily halted with standby service. While on this service plan, sanitation charges are reduced during the months where no water is registered on the water meter. There is a small fee for activating standby status.

For information on any of the listed services, contact the Sanitation Department:

Billing Questions: 727-893-7398
Residential Collection: 727-893-7334 (including missed collection)
Residential Recycling: 727-893-7838 (including missed collection and container repair);
Furniture/Appliance Pick Up/Special Collections; Recycling Drop-Off; Free Rodent Control; Free Mulch or Soil Builder; Building Materials, Brush and Other Collections (fee-based): 727-893-7398
Commercial Collection: 727-893-7351
Report Graffiti: 727-893-7394
Neighborhood Cleanup: 727-893-5141
Report Illegal Dumping (24 hour Police Tip Line): 727-892-5000

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