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Solar and Energy Loan Fund


The Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) is a nonprofit organization that provides loans, project management, and a list of approved contractors for home improvement projects to improve energy efficiency, water conservation, and storm preparedness in residential homes. Low-interest loans are available for all Florida homeowner applicants.

SELF focuses on empowering women, veterans, and low- and moderate-income homeowners who may have had trouble getting loans from other sources.  Loan applicants will work with SELF staff to choose the project that will have the most impact on lowering utility bills or improving quality of life.

What are the SELF loan requirements?

There is no minimum or maximum income requirement for applicants, and staff will work with each applicant to determine if they have the monthly income needed for a given project loan. There is no mandate that loan applicants occupy the home, making this loan source available to owners living outside of their home or to residential landlords.

What makes SELF loans unique?

  • Loan terms vary for each homeowner and each project.
  • 5-9.5% interest rates
  • $1,000-$10,000 projects are typical
  • Homeowners save 2-80% on their utility bills

What opportunities does SELF provide to St. Pete residents?

  • Reducing the cost of electricity and water bills
  • Preparing for storms and harsh Florida weather
  • Investment in your home and improving the quality of life
  • Stimulating the local economy with sustainable, green-geared jobs
  • Empowering minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses in the St. Pete area
  • Improving credit worth and future financial stability

What kind of projects does SELF assist with?

  • Hurricane-resistant door, window, and shutter installation
  • Roof replacement, solar panel-ready when applicable
  • Sewer lateral line rehabilitation 
  • Solar water heaters and electric panels
  • More inclusive projects 

How do I get started?

Contact your SELF representative, Rob Perry at 727-315-3223 or email Visit for more information. Homeowners and contractors can also apply online:

Apply as a Homeowner Apply as a Contractor

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