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Neighborhood Speed Watch Program

We all want to discourage speeding in our neighborhoods, especially on the street where we live. The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program offers a unique way to promote traffic safety in our neighborhoods. Using the three E's - Engineering, Education, and Enforcement. It is a public awareness program designed primarily to "educate" drivers to slow down and exercise caution when using neighborhood streets. The program combines the collaborative efforts of Transportation and Parking, Police, and the residents, all working together to discourage speeding in our neighborhoods.

How Our Neighborhood Speed Watch Program Works...

Transportation and Parking Services use a pole mounted radar display board. The radar display board flashes the speeds of the vehicles so that drivers can see how fast they're traveling, in relation to the legal speed limit. The radar display board is operated for a full week at one location and than rotated to other neighborhoods.

The Police Department assists during the radar display by monitoring the location and providing enforcement as necessary. The Police Officer may cite anyone violating any traffic regulation. Their presence during this phase of the program has proven to be valuable in emphasizing the City's partnership with the residents in combating the problem of speeding on neighborhood streets.

Once the unit is relocated the Police Department provides follow-up enforcement. Police observations during the radar display operation will be helpful in follow-up enforcement decisions.

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