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Traffic Plan Development

The Neighborhood Transportation Management Program is a program that reflects the City's continued commitment to address a wide range of community goals and objectives, including mobility, efficiency and safety.

The purpose of a Traffic Plan is to alter driver behavior, improve conditions for non-motorized street users, and to enhance livable communities. 


City staff hold preliminary meetings with the petitioners and performed a series of traffic studies. Neighborhood meetings are held to provide information on how to develop a Traffic Plan and to receive input regarding traffic conditions in the neighborhood. Staff work with a Traffic Committee of residents to develop optional proposals. In order for a street to be included in the Traffic Plan the residents must sign a petition, with at least two-thirds being in favor. During a second neighborhood meeting, residents' comments are solicited on the proposed Traffic Plan.


Should a proposed Traffic Plan be approved by those residents in attendance at the second meeting, it is then voted on by the neighborhood through a mailed ballot. 


If the Traffic Plan is to go forward, the residents must approve it by registering their ballot. As a resident you would be asked to vote "yes" or "no" on the proposal.


Alternatives to the design are not an option. In order for the project to be implemented, at least 50 percent of the residents voting must vote in favor of the Traffic Plan. 


The cost of the proposed Traffic Plan is subject to all required budget approvals and would be funded from the City's general budget. This is not a special assessment on the property.


Subject to approval by residents, through the ballot process, staff will present all Neighborhood Traffic Plans that have obtained approval, for budget consideration. Subject to approval by City Council, to allocate the estimated funds for the various Traffic Plans, City staff would then proceed to develop engineering design plans in preparation for the actual construction of the Traffic Plans.

Notice: Please note that if a Traffic Plan is approved, residents will be advised prior to the start of construction.

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