Opportunities for Artists

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Make St. Pete Beautiful

The City works to prioritize artists by frequently soliciting opportunities for them to share their work with residents and visitors in St. Pete. This list is updated in real time and the below opportunities reflect all current and open applications.

Mayor's Neighborhood Storm Drain Mural Program

ATTENTION: The artist application period is now closed. Check back later for more updates.

The City of St. Petersburg is seeking artists to create vibrant murals on our City storm drains that will help raise awareness about the importance of litter prevention in our stormwater drainage systems. Residents may have the opportunity to assist the artist in painting these murals, transforming stormwater drains across St. Pete into works of art. 

One artist per participating neighborhood will be chosen to provide a design concept(s) for the respective neighborhood’s storm drains. This concept will be used to design and paint up to 6 storm drains keeping a consistent theme throughout the neighborhood.

Artists will have an opportunity to meet with members of the selection committee to learn about the project and to ask any questions they may have via an online virtual meeting platform. During this pilot phase, one artist will be chosen to work with our pilot neighborhood, Barcley Estates. However, this will be an ongoing project with multiple artists selected over time to partner with various neighborhoods across the city. Artists meeting the selection panel’s criteria will remain in the selection pool for up to 24 months.

Design Criteria

  • Any depiction of animals or plants must be native to the region.
  • Acceptable verbiage includes, but is not limited to:
    • Nothing But Rain Should Go Down This Drain
    • I Lead To The Gulf/Bay/Lake
    • Keep Drains Clean To Keep Our Water Pristine
    • Sunshine City Waters Gleam Because We Keep Our Storm Drains Clean
    • Keep Storm Drains Clean, We Are All Downstream
    • H2Only
    • Only Rain Down This Drain
    • A Healthy Gulf/Bay Starts Here
  • Designs must cover the entire storm drain lid (painting on the road is not permitted)
  • Meet the goal of educating the public on litter prevention
  • Be able to be recreated within the stated budget


  • Initial Design Concept for neighborhood (including two revisions): $300
  • Additional Design Drafts (including two revisions) Completed Murals (per storm drain): $500
  • Total Paid to Arist (6 storm drains): $3,300
  • Materials Stipend: Based on the submitted artist’s budget up to $300