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Water Maintenance

This division of the Water Resources Department is responsible for the maintenance of the water and reclaimed water distribution systems including the transmission lines that bring water into the city. Currently, this division performs more than 40,000 work functions annually.

The mission of the Water Systems Maintenance Division is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public served by the City of St. Petersburg's public drinking water system and the City's reclaimed water system and to effectively maintain the integrity of the potable and reclaimed water distribution systems through effective utilization of employees, equipment and material.

Some tasks performed include: (1) a water and reclaimed distribution flushing program; we currently flush all targeted areas annually; (2) a water main replacement program in which we replace approximately 9 miles of water pipe annually; and (3) a meter replacement program in which we replace over 6,000 meters annually.

Listed below is a breakdown of all tasks performed by the Water Systems Maintenance Division along with ideas on how to better maintain your private plumbing system.

Water Maintenance

  • Water quality field operations
  • Cross connection control
  • Meter maintenance: 93,038 meters
  • New services
  • Leak management
  • Transmission main maintenance and surveillance
  • Valve & hydrant maintenance and repair: 30,331 valves & 6,493 hydrants
  • New main installation
  • Main replacement
  • Miles of water mains: 1,531
Tips for maintaining your private plumbing

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