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Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is one of the essential services the City of St. Petersburg provides. Not only does it improve the appearance and quality of life in your neighborhood, it is the most cost-effective way of improving water quality. It protects our storm drains from clogging with debris, leading to flooding during storm events and pollution of our bays and surface waters. St. Petersburg adheres to state and federal stormwater quality requirements by keeping vegetation and other debris from entering storm drains and contaminating the precious waters of Tampa Bay.

St. Petersburg is working on an improved street sweeping schedule and updating communication to keep citizens informed of the increased sweeping frequency. Until the schedule is complete, street sweeping will be maintained on a quarterly basis.

How You Can Help - In order to reduce the amount of debris on city streets and into storm drains, residents are reminded not to rake or blow leaves, grass, litter, palm fronds, twigs, branches or other materials into the street. Street sweepers will bypass debris piles to avoid hidden objects that may damage sweeper equipment.

Residents are also asked to make sure trash and recycling containers are in their proper locations and vehicles removed from the street when sweepers are scheduled to avoid possible flying debris, citations or vehicle towing.

Keeping Our City Clean - The city employs seven street sweepers, covering approximately 37,380 miles of curb and arterial streets, removing 11,000 tons of debris annually. The city is divided into 12 zones, which are swept on a three-month rotating basis. Sometimes, due to traffic accidents or unforeseen environmental incidents, the sweeping schedule may be temporarily adjusted.  Street sweepers also do not operate on rainy days.

The entire city is swept twice yearly. Streets are also swept before and after special events that use city streets, such as the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Major League Baseball playoffs, large-scale events like the 2012 Republican National Convention, parades and other activities.

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