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Downtown Waterfront Master Plan

Proposed Downtown Waterfront Master Plan, May 14, 2015

What's Next?

  • Meeting May 7:  City Council First Reading and Public Hearing 9 a.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard, at City Hall
  • Meeting May 21:  City Council Second Reading, Public Hearing, and Adoption at 6 p.m., or as soon thereafter as may be heard, at City Hall

Phase IV: Draft Downtown Waterfront Master Plan Presentation 

Thank you to those who attended the April 1 and 2 presentations of the Draft Downtown Waterfront Master Plan, including Plan vision, the Plan framework (the 5 Dimensions of the Waterfront), the waterfront improvement hierarchy pyramid (baseline, targeted and transformational), a review of comprehensive waterfront needs, 6 district conceptual plans and the implementation.  Citizens were given the opportunity to “redline” the draft DWMP and provide comments on the concepts presented.

Phase III:  Presentations and Video Below

Phase II: Creative Workshops

Phase II included a four-day creative workshop to share what the Consultant's planning team has learned through the public input, technical inventory and stakeholder and focus group meetings. The creative workshop also included development of guiding principles and a set of initial planning concepts.

Phase I: Technical Inventory

The next portion of Phase I included a technical inventory and analysis of existing assets. This portion concluded with publication of a site inventory workbook and the scheduling of a community meeting.

Share Your Vision is an online meeting room where residents can share their innovative and visionary ideas with their city. Please follow along and contribute to the many different questions and other interactive engagement tools that will be presented to you and our community throughout the master plan process.

Phase I: Community Outreach 

Community outreach in Phase I included many productive sessions. Thank you to everyone who shared their time, comments and recommendations with the project team. Keep it up! Your continued participation through all phases of the master planning process is important. In addition to upcoming workshops, your input may be submitted through our "Public Input" web page.

Read the DWMP Background and FAQ.

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