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Construction Services Forms

The following forms may be  faxed, emailed or printed and submitted in person at our office located in the Municipal Services Center.

Commonly Used Forms:
Permit Application
Contractor Affidavit
Subcontractor Job Card
Notice of Commencement - *Must be Recorded by Clerk of Court
Permit Extension Request
Permit Revision Worksheet
Window & Door Residential Compliance Form

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Date Document
2015-09-30 Substantial Improvement Review Application
2015-09-22 Permitting Fee Schedulecost, charge, how much does a permit cost
2015-09-11 Permit Revision Worksheet
2015-09-11 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
2015-08-26 Permit Application
2015-08-26 Contractor Affidavit
2015-08-26 Notice of CommencementNOC
2015-08-26 Window & Door Residential Compliance Form
2015-08-26 Business Change of Use Checklist
2015-08-26 Demolition of Structures Utility Verification
2015-08-26 FEMA FAQ's - Flood Hazards/Existing Uses
2015-08-26 Food Services Checklist
2015-08-26 DBPR Food Service Inspection Checklist
2015-08-26 Fuel Gas Testing Certification
2015-08-26 Hurricane Mitigation Certification Statement
2015-08-26 Roofing Affidavit of Inspection
2014-08-20 Inspection Report Private Provider
2014-06-11 Grease Management Program Form
2014-02-27 FEMA Non-Conversion Agreement- for Property Owner
2014-02-19 Power - Early Release Packet
2014-02-12 Cost Breakdown
2013-10-15 Alarm System Uniform Notice
2013-10-15 Alarm System Label Request Form
2013-06-17 Asbestos Notification Statement
2012-09-04 Damage Assessment Form
2012-09-04 Private Provider Procedures Private Provider
2012-08-24 Change of House Number
2012-08-24 Permit Extension Request
2012-04-24 Plan Submittal Routing Sheet
2011-09-28 Subcontractor Job Card
2011-08-26 Swimming Pool Permit Package
2011-05-24 Certificate of Compliance Private Provider
2011-04-08 Certificate of Completion / Certificate of Occupancy Application
2010-09-09 Certificate of Use Application
2010-07-16 Driveway Permit Application
2009-10-19 Owner/Contractor Disclosure Statement
2009-10-19 Specialty Contractor Affidavit
2008-10-15 Ancillary Equipment Setback Approval Form
2008-10-15 Notice to Building Official Private Provider
2008-10-15 Duly Authorized Representative Affidavit Private Provider
2008-10-15 Plan Compliance Affidavit Private Provider
2008-10-15 Plan Review Detail Private Provider
2008-10-15 Trades Inspection Report Private Provider
2007-08-01 FEMA - Elevation Certificate Submittal
2006-08-22 Local Product Approval Application
2006-08-22 Standard Site Drainage and Erosion Control Detail Information Packet
2006-08-02 Foundation ONLY Permit Checklist
2006-04-06 Threshold Attachment #4: Special Inspector Stmt.
2006-03-15 Threshold Attachment #1: Contractor
2006-03-15 Threshold Attachment #2: Owner
2006-03-15 Threshold Attachment #3: Special Inspector
2005-04-19 FEMA V-Zone Requirements for Elevated Pools, Patios, Decks, etc.
2004-02-18 V Zone FEMA Certificate
2004-02-06 Multifamily Development Worksheet
2003-07-30 Residential Additions
2003-07-30 Residential New Construction
2003-07-30 Flood Zone Locations Checklist
2003-04-03 Project Contact Person

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