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Neighborhood Plans

Neighborhood Data Map

Neighborhood plans help build stronger community relationships, define neighborhood goals and issues, and explore alternatives for achieving desired neighborhood and city priorities.

Once a neighborhood plan is finalized, it serves as a guide for future enhancements and provides direction for decision makers and facilitates the coordination of public and private investments.

Learn more information on Community Redevelopment Areas (CRA) and the Proposed Southside CRA  

Neighborhood Plan
Neighborhood PlanUpdatedCRAStage
13th Street Heights  2-2000  Proposed Southside Final
Bartlett Park  3-1992  Proposed Southside Final
Broadwater  2004   Final
Campbell Park  9-2004  Proposed Southside Final
Central  1-1991   Final
Childs Park  6-2009  Proposed Southside Final
Coquina Key  1-1997   Final
Crescent Heights  1-2000   Final
Crescent Lake  6-1994   Final
Cromwell Heights  2-2004  Proposed Southside Final
Euclid St. Paul  5-2002   Final
Fruitland Casler  2-2003  Proposed Southside Final
Grand Central  12-1999  Proposed Southside Final
Greater Pinellas Point  7-2005   Final
Harbordale  1-1997  Proposed Southside Final
Highland Oaks  6-2002  Proposed Southside Final
Historic Roser  6-1992  Proposed Southside Final
Historic Roser Park  11-13-2013  Proposed Southside Final
Historic Uptown 10-2-2013   Final
Historic Uptown 8-28-2012   Draft - Update
Historic Uptown 2-13-2012   Draft - Update
Jungle Terrace  11-2001   Final
Lake Maggiore Shores  10-2000  Proposed Southside Final
Lakewood Terrace  12-2003   Final
Magnolia Heights  11-2005   Final
Mel Tan Heights  9-2002  Proposed Southside Final
Melrose Mercy  2-2001  Proposed Southside Final
Oakwood Gardens  8-2006   Final
Old Historic Northeast 2009   Final
Old Southeast 11-15-2013  


Old Southeast Draft 2-18-2013   Draft - Update
Old Southeast Neighborhood 2006   Final
Palmetto Park Profile  10-1992  Proposed Southside Final
Park Street  11-2004   Final
Perkins  2-2000  Proposed Southside Final
Perry Bayview  12-2009  Proposed Southside Final
Ponce de Leon  9-2004   Final
Roser Park Profile  6-1992  Proposed Southside Final
Round Lake (Uptown)  1991   Final
Snell Isle  7-2007   Final
Twin Brooks  9-2005  Proposed Southside Final
Westminster Heights Plan  12-2008   Final
Wildwood Heights  11-1995  Proposed Southside Final

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