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Comprehensive Plan

The City of St. Petersburg Comprehensive Plan has been developed and amended pursuant to therequirements of Chapter 163, Florida Statutes (F.S.), the "Local Government ComprehensivePlanning and Land Development Regulation Act," and the requirements of Rule 9J-5, FloridaAdministrative Code (F.A.C.).

Community specific concerns, in addition to the guide lines set forth in Chapter 163, F.S., andRule 9J-5, F.A.C., have also been targeted within the Goals, Objectives, and Policies section ofeach of the plan elements. Many of these objectives and policies go beyond the legislativerequirements and are indicative of the many years that comprehensive planning has been ineffect in St. Petersburg.The comprehensive planning process in St. Petersburg was developed to guide the community to:

  • Protect the public health, safety, and welfare;
  • Address the concerns of the community related to growth management and the preservation of the City's character;
  • Preserve and protect the resources of the community through the guidance of growth and redevelopment while continuing to provide quality services concurrent with the impacts of development (or redevelopment);
  • Protect and enrich the quality of life within the community;
  • Ensure the consideration of long-range goals in the determination of short range decisions and actions; and,
  • Promote a healthy, stable, and well-balanced economic atmosphere which, satisfies the goods and services needs of the community, promotes employment opportunities, and supports a strong and diverse economic base.

Comprehensive Plan

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