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Planning & Zoning

Land Development Regulations

Chapter 16 of the City Code is formally known as the Land Development Regulations (LDRs), which include zoning regulations and site planning and design standards. The LDRs in their current form became effective on September 10, 2007, and have since been modified periodically to stay current with evolving community preferences and to resolve minor inconsistencies, improve clarity of understanding and respond to changes in local, state and federal law. 

Ideas and requests for improvements to the LDRs are submitted from a variety of sources, including the general public, city council, administration and staff. Improvements are generally processed bi-annually, twice per year.

LDR Code Amendment Schedule

The LDR Code Amendment Schedule is a tentative schedule for the processing of city-initiated applications to amend the text of the city's Land Development Regulations (LDRs). Please be advised, the schedule is tentative and subject to change depending on circumstances. Private-initiated applications may be filed and processed at any time. Please contact Derek Kilborn, Manager via email for more information.

Current Planning Projects

Noise Ordinance Update

In order to address concerns raised by the public and law enforcement, St. Petersburg is evaluating its noise ordinance. City staff has analyzed the city’s noise levels, conducted stakeholder meetings with the public, including affected businesses, researched model noise ordinances, presented to the Public Services and Infrastructure Committee, and worked with acoustic consultants. This process will conclude with a review of potential changes to our existing noise ordinance that will be proposed for adoption by City Council.

For more information contact Elizabeth Abernethy at


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