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Complete Streets

Complete Streets

Complete Streets create better transportation environments for all ages and physical and economic abilities to safely and comfortably move around the city. Complete Streets are flexible and take into account their surrounding land use regulations and related transportation network connections. Establishing Complete Streets will enable the City of St. Petersburg to further achieve its status as a city of opportunity where the sun shines on all who come to live, work and play.

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Complete Streets Survey through April 30, 2017

The City of St. Petersburg adopted a Complete Streets Policy on November 2, 2015 (#020400) to encourage streets that are safe and convenient for all users of the roadway, including persons walking, persons riding bicycles, motorists, persons with disabilities, users and operators of public transit, seniors, children, and movers of commercial goods. The policy outlines the approach and steps the City will pursue to achieve a network of Complete Streets in St. Petersburg, including the creation of a Complete Streets Implementation Plan.

Complete Streets City Council Resolution 2105-540

Complete Streets facilities improvements include on-street bicycle lanes, shared-use paths,  sidewalks, reduced number of lanes and lane widths, transit, and mixed land uses. It is important to note that not every facility is needed on each corridor to make it a Complete Street. The City of St. Petersburg is fortunate in that there was foresight in the planning of the street network, which includes a grid of streets that provide transportation options and alternatives. The grid network also allows for the implementation of a connected Complete Streets network that includes enhancements for all modes of travel.

Complete Streets Newsletter - March 2017

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