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Drinking Water

The Water Resources Department provides potable drinking water to residents, yet draws none of its fresh water supply from the ground directly below the city.

Water Quality Report 
View the latest water quality report online to learn more about our award-winning drinking water and services.

Water Quality Testing
View more information on our water quality testing

Lead Education
Learn more about lead education and tips for lead safety.

Learn more facts about how our drinking water is disinfected using chloramines and what it may mean for fish or aquatic pet owners.

Unregulated Contaminants
The city of St. Petersburg monitors its drinking water for unregulated contaminants to comply with the EPA's Unregulated Contaminants Monitoring Rule.

Well Registration
Register your private irrigation well so that the city can accurately identify private well usage. Its FREE and will help staff correctly enforcing watering restrictions such as violators using potable (drinking) water for irrigation when it is against current regulations.

Treatment and Supply
Learn more about how your water is treated and supplied to residents.

Use these helpful articles, links and tips to keep your water system in tip top shape.

Irrigation Only Water Services
Learn about water services offered strictly for irrigations purposes only.

Watering Restrictions
Details on Twice a Week watering restrictions and other ways to save water.

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