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Water Conservation

In St. Petersburg every resident, visitor, and business plays a role in conserving our precious water resources. Since 1986, potable water use has fallen from forty-one (41) to approximately twenty-eight (28) million gallons per day – about a 32% reduction!

St. Petersburg’s Water Conservation Program assists customers with their efforts by providing publications, incentive programs, presentations, and giveaway items. Please utilize the links below to learn more about water conservation in St. Pete!

Current Conservation Programs
Learn more about available programs, events and publications.

Watering Restrictions
St. Petersburg is in a water use caution area and is committed to water conservation. Year-round water conservation restrictions are in effect for twice-a-week watering. If you are a St. Petersburg water customer located within city limits, do you know your days and times?

Indoor Conservation
Conservation of water in the home not only saves water, it also saves the energy used to process and distribute the water

Outdoor Conservation
Learn how a well-designed and properly maintained landscape and sprinkler system could save water, time, and energy.

Calculate Your Water Ways
This interactive document will allow you to understand your family's potable water consumption. After calculating your family's water use patterns, you can begin to conserve in ways that work best for your lifestyle.

WaterWise Awards
The annual Community Water-Wise Award is awarded in all property categories to those that have created attractive, water-efficient landscapes.

Conservation Resources
Find information on obtaining speakers, links to youth and adult education and activities, and environmentally-friendly landscapes.

Well Registration
Register your private irrigation well. It's free and will help staff correctly enforce watering restrictions during droughts, as well as identify favorable locations for future irrigation wells.  

Are You & Your Family Water-Wise?

Even simple, inexpensive changes, such as altering water use habits, can make a difference! Water conservation specialists are available to speak with community associations and other groups on topics that include indoor and outdoor water conservation, leak detection, reclaimed water use, micro-irrigation, sprinkler system checkups, and Florida-Friendly Landscaping™. 

For details on Twice-a-Week watering restrictions and other ways to save water, visit Watering Restrictions.

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