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Workforce Training Programs

CareerSource Pinellas

CareerSource Pinellas provides workforce solutions to businesses, professionals, and entry level candidates throughout Pinellas County.  These services range from career planning services, career fairs, and training programs to employee recruitment, labor market strategies, and retention support strategies. Contact CareerSource at (727) 524-4344 or visit their web site for more information.

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Employ Florida Marketplace

The Workforce Florida and the Agency for Workforce Innovation, launched the online resource at the beginning of May 2007. This free internet web site links all of Florida's career services – state and local – into a cumulative resource database. Powered by 24 regional workforce boards across the state, provides fast access to a complete set of employment tools in an easy to use format. Employers seeking workforce personnel have free access to locate potential job candidates and to review current job market trends. 

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Customized employee training grants for new and expanding businesses.  The initiative has trained over 45,000 employees in over 200 businesses across Florida.  This performance-based incentive requires that businesses create new jobs, hire, and train the new employees before any training costs are reimbursed.  Special attention is given to businesses in Enterprise Zones.  Applications can be approved within three to five days.  For more information, contact CareerSource at (727) 524-4344 or the City of St. Petersburg Economic Development Department at (727) 893-7100. 

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Incumbent Worker Training

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Customized training program available for existing companies needing assistance in training incumbent workers.  Special priority is given to those Florida companies with 50 employees or less, in rural areas or distressed inner-city areas or whose grant proposals represent a significant upgrade to employee skills.  Training services can be provided through a Florida public education institution or a licensed and certified private institution; conducted at the business's own facility, at the training provider's facility or at a combination of both; and instructors may be either full or part-time educators or professional trainers from the business.  Reimbursable training expenses include instructors'/trainer's salaries, curriculum development, textbooks/manuals and materials and supplies.  All reimbursements must be pre-approved by the grant administrator and businesses must provide a matching contribution to the training program. For more information, contact CareerSource at (727) 524-4344 or the City of St. Petersburg Economic Development Department at (727) 893-7100. 

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Industry Services Training

Basic employee training, consulting and technical assistance services provided at a low cost through the Pinellas County School Board's Industry Service Training Program.  Contact the Pinellas Technical Education Center in St. Petersburg (727) 893-2500 ext. 1026 or 1050 or Clearwater (727) 538-7167 ext. 1095, 1072, or 1060.

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Success Training & Retention Services

An employment readiness training program that prepares the inexperienced, unemployed, or underemployed to meet current workforce demands. Program trainees receive three weeks of intensive skills and development training.  Contact the Pinellas Technical Education Center (727) 893-2500 ext. 1132.

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H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant Program

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This program was created in response to businesses concern that there was a skills gap between domestic technology workers that caused a high number of foreign workers to enter the U.S. using H-1B visas. A portion of fees paid by businesses for the H-1B visas is returned as a grant for training of domestic workers in targeted high technology areas. 
Visit the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration official web page on this program. 

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