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Stormwater Tiered Rates

Stormwater Tiered Rate System – Effective October 1, 2019

Stormwater Utility Rates: Frequently Asked Questions

Single-Family Properties

Effective October 1, 2019 the City of St. Petersburg implemented a tiered billing structure for stormwater rates for single-family properties to replace the flat fee that was previously charged to all single-family residential properties. This new tiered structure has classified single-family properties into tiers, based on the square footage of impervious surface area (surfaces that water runs off), so that a property’s fee more accurately reflects its impact to the stormwater system.  

Non-Single-Family Properties

Non-single-family (commercial) properties will continue to be charged a fee based on the number of Single-Family Residential Units (SFRU’s) their impervious area represents. One SFRU is equal to the impervious surface area of a typical single-family property in the city, which has been determined to be 2,406 square feet of impervious surface area.

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What is an Impervious Surface?

An impervious surface is any surface within a property that does not allow water to seep into the ground.

Impervious Surface Area

Walkways/Driveways/Parking Areas (all construction materials)

Not Impervious Surface Area*

Landscaped Beds
Crushed Shells
Rock Beds

*If not used for walkways, driveways or parking areas

Next Steps

Customers can view their property’s impervious surface area measurement in the Stormwater Review and Appeals Portal, which can be found in the box below. Through this portal, customers can submit an appeal for reevaluation if they feel the property has been measured incorrectly.

If you have difficulty using the portal, please call 727-893-7280 or email for assistance. 

Stormwater Review and Appeals Portal

City Council conducted a First Reading of the proposed rate ordinance on September 5, 2019 and adopted final rates at a Public Hearing on September 19, 2019. Rates became effective as of October 1, 2019. The adopted changes will be noted in your utility bill.

Rainwater Rebate Program

A limited number of rebates are available to single-family residential stormwater customers who install rainwater catchment devices that help conserve water and reduce rainwater runoff, like rain barrels, rain totes and rain gardens.

Find more information on the program at

Stormwater Utility Fee Credits

The City of St. Petersburg offers two stormwater fee credits (reduction in stormwater fee) to non-single-family utility customers that minimize stormwater runoff or improve the quality of stormwater runoff through approved practices. Since the stormwater impervious surface area measurements have been updated as part of the stormwater rate study, existing credits will no longer be in effect. Properties that have previously taken advantage of stormwater credits will need to reapply for consideration. Customers can estimate their potential stormwater fee credit in the Stormwater Mitigation Credit Calculator

Who May Apply?

Non-single-family utility customers may apply. Single-family utility customers that are part of a larger common development or subdivision that has a privately-maintained stormwater facility permitted by Southwest Florida Water Management District may collectively apply. Eligible applicants include:

  • Commercial business properties
  • Multi-family unit properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Government properties
  • Condominiums/townhomes/traditional single-family home properties that all function off one metering system. Contact your homeowner or neighborhood association representative to collectively apply. Applications will
    not be accepted from an individual single-family property that is metered separately. 

Stormwater Management System Credit

Properties that operate and maintain onsite detention or retention stormwater management systems may receive a credit of up to 52% for reducing stormwater runoff impacts from the property to the City system. 

Tidal Water Discharge Credit

Non-single-family properties that discharge stormwater runoff directly into Boca Ciega Bay or Tampa Bay may receive a credit of up to 52% for treating stormwater runoff to Outstanding Florida Waters criteria. Discharge to tidal waters cannot pass into or through City-maintained drainage systems. 

How To Apply

  1. Complete the Stormwater Utility Credit Application (ECID_FORM_001). The application will need to be signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Engineer.
  2. Complete the Stormwater Mitigation Credit Calculator (ECID_FORM_002) or calculations in compliance with City code signed and sealed by Professional Engineer.
  3. Submit completed application and documentation to the Engineering & Capital Improvements Department.
    - By email:
    - By mail: P.O. Box 2842, St. Petersburg, FL 33731
  4. The Engineering & Capital Improvements Department will review the application. A determination will be made within 30 days of receipt of a completed application and payment of any applicable fees. An awarded credit will be applied to the applicant's next regularly-generated bill after approval of the credit. If the application is denied, a letter explaining the reasons for denial will be provided to the applicant within 30 days of the application being submitted.
  5. Once a stormwater credit has been accepted, the Stormwater Utility Mitigation Inspection Checklist (ECID_FORM_003) will need to be completed.

Questions on stormwater utility fee credits can be directed to or 727-893-7280.

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