About the Districts

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Get to Know St. Pete

St. Pete is quickly becoming known as one of the most desirable places to start, relocate, or expand a business. Across St Pete, there are opportunities for development and growth, and each neighborhood and area offers something different—appealing to a wide range of people, businesses, and development ideas.

Major Development Areas

Target Industries

Through the Grow Smarter Initiative, St. Petersburg has identified the five major industry sectors with the greatest potential to create new jobs and raise incomes. The City will focus on growing businesses in these sectors to maximize its economic development resources.

Marine & Life Sciences

Marine & Life Sciences joins the city’s top-tier healthcare services with the largest marine and environmental sciences community in the Southeast. Major institutions in this sector include Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Bayfront Health, and the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, as well as various federal and state agencies such as NOAA and USGS. Learn more about the Marine & Life Sciences sector in St. Pete. 

Specialized Manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been among the top employment sectors in St. Pete and Pinellas County, indicated by the city's second statewide ranking for manufacturing employment. Specialized Manufacturing is a growing sector in St. Pete, concentrating into two niches: electronics manufacturing and medical devices manufacturing. Learn more about the Specialized Manufacturing sector in St. Pete. 

Financial Services

St. Pete has the most concentrated financial services sector in Florida and the region—double that of the average American community. Financial Services is the largest employment sector in St. Pete, employing thousands of local residents in high-paying careers. Notably, Raymond James, the largest financial services firm outside of Wall Street, is headquartered in St. Pete. Learn more about the Financial Services sector in St. Pete. 

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a quickly emerging sector of businesses that use and manipulate “big data” to optimize business processes. The market is projected to increase 40% annually due to the widespread use of big data in many industries. Several prominent firms in St. Pete, such as Valpak and HSN, position the city to capitalize on this growth by creating a hub for talent and employment in this sector. Learn more about the Data Analytics sector in St. Pete. 

Creative Arts & Design

Creative Arts & Design is gaining traction in St. Pete and is an essential economic driver, playing a key role in the city’s tourism by positioning it as the cultural capital of Florida. For tourists and locals alike, the city offers immense opportunities for enjoying the arts with dozens of top-ranked galleries, theatrical and music venues, world-famous museums, and performing arts companies. Learn more about the Creative Arts & Design sector in St. Pete.