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Land Development Regulations

Chapter 16 of the City Code is formally known as the Land Development Regulations (LDRs), which include zoning regulations and site planning and design standards. The LDRs in their current form became effective on September 10, 2007, and have since been modified periodically to stay current with evolving community preferences and to resolve minor inconsistencies, improve clarity of understanding and respond to changes in local, state and federal law.

Ideas and requests for improvements to the LDRs are submitted from a variety of sources, including the general public, city council, administration and staff. Improvements are generally processed bi-annually, twice per year.

Zoning Map

To look up zoning on your parcel, click on “GIS Zoning Map Lookup” and after the map zooms in, click inside the subject parcel to get a pop-up window with the zoning.


Land-Use Permissions

This guide will assist you in determining whether a proposed land-use type is permitted within a particular zoning classification.

Categories always sorted by seq (sub-categories sorted within each category)
Documents sorted by HEADER in Ascending Order within category

Zoning Helpful Handouts

Accessory Dwelling Handout
document Header Accessory Dwelling Handout
Fence, Walls and Hedges
document Header Fence, Walls and Hedges
NS Code Summary Handout
document Header NS Code Summary Handout
NT Code Summary Handout
document Header NT Code Summary Handout
NT FAR Bonus Table
document Header NT FAR Bonus Table
NTM Code Summary Handout
document Header NTM Code Summary Handout
Protected Trees
document Header Protected Trees
Residential Zoning Compliance Calculator
document Header Residential Zoning Compliance Calculator
Sheds and Carports
document Header Sheds and Carports
Short Term Rentals
document Header Short Term Rentals
Temporary Signs
document Header Temporary Signs
Temporary Special Events
document Header Temporary Special Events
Tiny Homes
document Header Tiny Homes

2023 LDR Ordinance Updates

Ord 540-H: Missing Middle NTM Amendments
document Header Ord 540-H: Missing Middle NTM Amendments
Ord 544-H: Procedural Amendments
document Header Ord 544-H: Procedural Amendments
Ord 566-H: Civic Use Related Updates
document Header Ord 566-H: Civic Use Related Updates

Land Development Regulations