Commercial Trash

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City Pickup

In addition to private household accounts, the City of St. Petersburg services more than 5,900 commercial accounts, including businesses, apartment complexes, condos, and schools. Various types and sizes of commercial containers are offered to meet the different needs of commercial account holders. The City also provides roll-off dumpster service for residential and commercial customers for a competitive price. 

Refuse collection for commercial containers is provided 6 days a week.

Commercial Sanitation Utility Rates

Renovating or Demolishing? We'll Handle the Trash

The City of St. Petersburg offers large roll-off open-top trash containers for rent at a competitive price. There are various container sizes available for industrial and construction sites for both private households and commercial customers.

  • 20-Yard Container: 4’x7’x22'
  • 30-Yard Container: 6’x7’x22’
  • 40-Yard Container: 8’x7’x22’

Charges & Fees

Roll-off charges are incurred each time the container is serviced, including fees for placement and removal. Roll-off containers need to be serviced every 14 days, not including Sundays. Every day after 14 days will incur a late fee. Customers must call 727-893-7398 or email for all services.

Current charges and fees can be found at

Request a Roll-Off Bin

To request a roll-off bin, complete the below form. 

Commercial Roll-Off Container Intake Form

Additional Saturday Service

Commercial customers who need an additional front-end loader pickup or roll-off pull on Saturday should email before 9 a.m. on each Saturday. Include the address and container number in the email.

Commercial Recycling in St. Petersburg

The City does not currently offer recycling collection for commercial properties. Commercial businesses and large residential buildings, such as apartment complexes with more than 4 units, can utilize independent service providers for recyclable materials collection. For more information, contact the providers below. 

  • Conex Recycling
  • Waste Pro Inc.

Container Sizes

Commercial trash containers are available in a variety of sizes to fit customer needs and available space. Sizes vary by manufacturer. Pictured below with optional locking bar and customer-supplied lock. For more information, contact 727-893-7351.

Size Dimensions*
W x D x H
1 cubic yard 80 in x 30 in x 31 in
2 cubic yard 80 in x 41 in x 42 in
3 cubic yard 80 in x 50 in x 62 in
4 cubic yard 80 in x 60 in x 64 in
6 cubic yard 80 in x 75 in x 67 in
8 cubic yard 80 in x 82 in x 79 in
* Sizes vary by manufacturer.

Private Collector Permit

Private collectors who engage in the business of collecting, removing, or disposing of waste are required to submit a permit application with the City of St. Petersburg.

City Ordinance Governing Private Collection
Insurance Requirements for Permit Holders 
Private Collector Permit Application 

Recovered Materials Dealer Permit

Any person or entity engaged in the business of collecting, hauling, or disposing of recovered materials within the city shall be considered a recovered materials dealer and must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations by the City, and must comply with the requirements set forth in F.S. ch. 403 and the Florida Administrative Code regulating recovered materials, as well as with any other applicable State and local laws and regulations.

City Ordinance Governing Private Collection
Insurance Requirements for Permit Holders
Recovered Materials Dealer Permit Application