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Stormwater, Pavement & Traffic Operations

The Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Department provides infrastructure maintenance and restoration, environmental quality control and preservation and customer service, supported by these programs and functions:

  • Flooding Reduction Program: Line Cleaning and Vactoring, Deep Line Repair and Shallow Line Repair
  • Ditch Maintenance Program: Ditch Cleaning, Tree Trimming and Right of Way Maintenance and Heavy Equipment Maintenance of Ditches
  • Capital Vehicle and Small Equipment Maintenance Program
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance Program: Traffic Signal Timing and Traffic Signal Program and Maintenance
  • Road Infrastructure Maintenance Program: Sidewalk Preservation and Maintenance, Alley Preservation and Maintenance, Curb Preservation and Maintenance, Road Surface Preservation and Maintenance and Road Striping Preservation and Maintenance
  • Street Signage Maintenance Program: Sign Fabrication, Installation, Repair and Replacement
  • Water Quality Maintenance Program: Material Maintenance, Street Sweeping, FDOT Sweeping, Aquatic Weed Control, Mowing Maintenance, Litter Control, Irrigation Management and Water Preservation
  • Customer ServiceRainwater Rebate Program, Stormwater Tiered Rate ProgramSandbag Distribution

Ordinance No. 920-G requires the City to collect and manage stormwater. Learn about stormwater utility fees at


Explore StPeteStat, n interactive tool displaying performance measures and Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Department data. 



Report an Issue

Report issues like potholes, graffiti, broken sidewalks, storm drain issues, traffic signal/sign problems, special pick-up of dumped items, codes violations and more. Visit for more.

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