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Report a Code Violation

Who to Call - Consult our Who to Call list to reach the right agency. Codes Compliance is just one of several agencies that provide enforcement services.

Provide an Address/Location - No matter which report method you choose, provide the address and a description of your concern. If there is no address, provide a location description such as "abandoned car on vacant lot that is one lot east of the house at 1485 66th Terrace North".

Registering Complaints Anonymously Under State Law

In most cases you may report a code violation anonymously. Any personal information you provide becomes part of the public record, which any other citizen has the right to review. Personal information is only required from a tenant or renter requesting an inspection of the inside of a rented home or apartment unit. In that case, the name and telephone number of the tenant requesting the inspection will become part of the public record.

Any written or email material received or generated by the City Staff or Council members becomes public record and state law requires the record be made available for inspection by any citizen who requests it. This means it is impossible to provide anonymity to anyone who writes to the City via email or letter containing any personal information.

Action Online - Report City code violations by visiting the Mayor's Action Center using SeeClickFix St. Pete. This online service allows you to report violations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your report is forwarded electronically to a Codes Technician who opens a case in our tracking database.

Please note that when the status of an Action Online complaint is "Closed", if a property address was provided and the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the department, a Codes case number is provided in the response. Use the Codes case number to Search the Codes database for case progress from this web site. Case progress can also be obtained by calling the Codes department at (727) 893-7373.

Call Codes - at (727) 893-7373 to report a violation.

Send a Letter or Fax - You may send in your complaint by mail or fax:

Codes Compliance Assistance
P.O. Box 2842
St. Petersburg, FL 33731-2842
Fax: (727) 892-5558

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