Co-Sponsored Events Subcommittee

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Co-Sponsored Events


The Co-Sponsored Events Committee meets periodically to review and recommend approval of applications for Co-Sponsored events held in our City’s parks. Once the Committee has recommended approval of the applications, the recommendation is brought before the full City Council for approval by Resolution.

2022 Committee Members

  • Council Member Copley Gerdes
  • Council Member Deborah Figgs-Sanders
  • Council Member Lisa Wheeler-Bowman
  • Council Member Richie Floyd
  • Council Member Ed Montanari (Alternate)
Learn more about co-sponsored events.
04/28/22 Meeting
01/20/22 Meeting
04/15/21 Meeting
01/07/21 Meeting
11/19/20 Meeting
07/23/20 Meeting
01/30/20 Meeting