Utility Billing Services Committee

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Utility Billing Review Committee


The Utility Billing Review Committee (UBRC) is a committee consisting of City employees with the expertise to make recommendations to the Mayor on unresolved utility billing disputes.  Most disputes can be handled by our Utility Accounts Division Customer Service Staff.  However, if they are unable to resolve your issue, you may contact the UBRC.

To process service requests or inquiries concerning water, sewer, sanitation, reclaimed water and storm water management services, during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) contact the Utility Accounts Division.

Contacting us

Only the current or previous utility service account owner that has a legitimate unresolved complaint may petition the UBRC.  The first step in appearing before the UBRC is to write a letter requesting an appearance before the UBRC to dispute the month or months your are contesting.  Your statement to petition the UBRC can be e-mailed to UBRC@stpete.org.  You may also mail your request to Utility Accounts Division Attention: UBRC P.O. Box 2842, St. Petersburg, FL 33731.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of complaints can be heard by the UBRC?

Any legitimate utility service complaint can be heard by the UBRC regarding an unresolved utility billing issue.  The most common types of unresolved disputes heard by the UBRC are high water usage complaints.  

How do I petition the UBRC?

If the complaint is not satisfactorily answered by our Utility Accounts Division Customer Service Staff, the customer may petition the Utility Billing Review Committee by submitting a written statement to the UBRC Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the scheduled hearing date.

The UBRC Coordinator can be reached at (727) 893-7822 or at UBRC@stpete.org.  The Coordinator will do everything within their authority to resolve the dispute; however, if resolution requires action that is beyond the authority of the Utility Accounts staff, the UBRC is the proper forum to pursue. 

The first step in appearing is to write a letter requesting an appearance before the UBRC to dispute the month(s) you are contesting. Your statement to petition the UBRC should be mailed to: City of St. Petersburg, Utility Accounts Division, Attention: UBRC Coordinator, P.O. Box 2842, St. Petersburg, Florida 33731.

When are the hearing dates? 

UBRC hearings are held bi-monthly throughout the year on the third Wednesday of each odd numbered month.  To obtain the specific meeting dates and times, please contact the UBRC Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator at the phone numbers listed on this page. 

What should I expect after submitting a letter petitioning the UBRC?

After receipt of a letter petitioning the UBRC, the Coordinator will acknowledge by contacting you by mail; however, please include a daytime telephone number in case staff needs to contact you by phone.

If the dispute is regarding unexplainable high water consumption, you will be allowed to pay an amount equivalent to your normal six month average utility service bill prior to the hearing.  A collections activity hold will be placed on your utility services account for the disputed amount(s) only.  The purpose of this collections hold is to postpone full payment of the disputed bill(s) until after your case is heard by the UBRC.  All other monthly bills are payable as invoiced and subject to normal collection activity.   

What should I expect at the UBRC hearing?

The UBRC hearing is an informal hearing where you are allowed approximately ten minutes to state your complaint.  The UBRC members will be provided a copy of your letter of petition and all the facts pertinent to your complaint prior to the hearing.  At the hearing, the committee members may ask questions concerning your complaint.  These questions are usually direct and easy to answer.  After you state your issue and answer any questions, a recommendation of resolution is made.  Committee members then vote on whether or not the recommendation will be accepted.  You will know of their decision prior to your departure. 

Is attendance at the hearing mandatory?

The petitioner’s attendance at the hearing is not mandatory yet is highly recommended in order for any questions to be answered.  If you are unable to appear, a recommendation will be made in your absence and you will be notified of the decision by mail.

What should I do if I can’t attend the UBRC meeting?

You should contact the UBRC Coordinator as soon as possible.  You will be asked if you want your case to be heard without your presence or rescheduled for the next hearing date.  Only one rescheduling is allowed per case.  If you are unable to attend your second hearing date, you forfeit the right to be heard by the UBRC and normal collection activity will resume on any disputed bills. 

What happens after the UBRC hearing?

The UBRC’s recommendation is submitted to the Mayor for approval.  After approval, the UBRC Coordinator will oversee the processing of the approved resolution.  The Coordinator will contact you after the approved action(s) is completed to advise of the adjusted balance as well as to answer any questions you may have.  This process usually takes approximately two weeks after the UBRC hearing date.

Can I appeal the UBRC’s recommendation or is it final?

All UBRC recommendations are final.  If you are not satisfied with the UBRC’s decision, the only other recourse is to pursue the issue through the court system.