American Rescue Plan Act

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In 2021, the City of St. Petersburg anticipated receiving approximately $45 million fromPresident Biden's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The City sought community input on development of the spending allocation plan for ARPA funds during three in-person workshops at various locations, with virtual participation options. An initial allocation plan was developed in August 2021. 

Since then, effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact City residents. The City began, and continues to face, an historic increase in rents and housing costs, which has amplified the already existing strain on affordable housing. Increasingly, and with Emergency Rental Assistance dollars being quickly expended, City residents are experiencing housing insecurity and related health and social impacts. 

In January 2022, Mayor Kenneth T. Welch was inaugurated and established five Pillars for Progress: Housing Opportunities for All; Neighborhood Health & Safety; Equitable Development, Arts & Business Opportunities; Education & Youth Opportunities; and Environment, Infrastructure & Resilience. Mayor Welch also established six Principles for Accountable and Responsible Government that center on being: In-touch; Inclusive; Innovative; Intentional Equity; Informed; and Impactful. 

In February 2022, Mayor Welch and City Council revisited the ARPA allocation plan to address the affordable housing crisis and the health and social equity impacts more substantially. The allocation plan was adjusted and was presented to City Council in March 2022. The final allocation plan seeks to spend ARPA funds in the following categories: 

  • $34,303,505 for Housing Affordability and Support 
  • $11,110,365 for Health and Social Equity 

The City has received its ARPA allocation and has identified specific projects in each of these categories. Generally, ARPA funds are available through December 2026.

Housing Affordability and Support

To address the affordable housing crisis in the City and align with Mayor Welch’s Pillar of Housing Opportunities for All, approximately 75% of the ARPA funds ($34.3 million) will be allocated to affordable housing and support. 

Health and Social Equity

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact City residents including mental health challenges, food insecurity, and other conditions, the City sought to strategically utilize approximately 25% of the ARPA funds ($11.1 million) to address root causes of these conditions and develop projects aligned with Mayor Welch’s Pillar of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and Pillar of Education and Youth Opportunities. 

American Rescue Plan Act Reports

View the City’s American Rescue Plan Act Reports below: