Dream Big

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Let's Dream Big, St. Pete

The City of St. Petersburg celebrates inclusivity and diversity all year round. In commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. and in the spirit of his dream for a better tomorrow, we're encouraging the community to 'dream big' with us and share their dreams.

There are two parts to the Dream Big campaign:

Engaging our Youth: Dream Big Banner & Commemorative Poster

We've partnered with Pinellas County Schools to engage the future of our City to share their dreams with the community.

Classrooms throughout St. Pete received one of eight extra-large three-foot letters to spell out D-R-E-A-M B-I-G. Students spent the last few weeks of 2023 decorating their individual letters and discussing Dr. King's dreams. 

When combined, the letters will create a united piece of artwork displayed in the parade and posters shared with businesses, residents, and community organizations.

Boy dipping paintbrush into paint palette  girl holding colorful artwork that says respect  four kids smiling with their art project, holding a three-foot letter D illustrated with clouds  kid in class focusing on his art creation  kids creating art at a table in class

BIG thank you to the following participating schools:

"D" – Artist: Perkins Elementary

"R" – Artist: Woodlawn Elementary

"E" – Artist: Richard L. Sanders Exceptional Student Education (ESE) School (K-12)

"A" – Artist: Lakewood Elementary School

"M" – Artist: Midtown Academy (K-5)

"B" – Artist: Bay Point Elementary Magnet School

"I" – Artist: St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation - Therapeutic Recreation

"G" – Artist: Azalea Middle School

Dream Big Cards

We'll also install pop-up installations at community events from now until the beginning of January to encourage residents to share their dreams.

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream, join us in honoring his legacy by sharing and writing down your own vision for a more just and united community today.

The concept is simple:

  • Take a card.

  • Grab a pen.

  • Write your message.

  • Add it to the wall.

Send a Virtual Dream Here

Together, let's build a tapestry of dreams that reflect the collective vision of a united and thriving community. Your aspirations contribute to the rich fabric of St. Petersburg's future. Let's honor Dr. King's legacy by dreaming big and working towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow!

Messages may be distributed at the MLK Dream Big Parade on January 15, 2024 and during the month of February to celebrate Black History Month.