The Innovative Equity Project

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The Innovative Equity Project, Budgeting for All

Introducing the Innovative Equity Project, a new initiative designed to foster community empowerment and participation in resource allocation within the City of St. Petersburg. With a dedicated budget of up to $1 million, various departments have spent time collaborating as a team and fine-tuning proposals for projects that prioritize innovation, inclusivity, and equity, aligning with the Mayor’s Pillars for Progress and Governing Principles. Now, it's up to the community to decide which project will come to fruition! St. Pete residents are invited to review the projects and vote for their top choice. 

The community plays an active role in shaping the city's future. Join us in driving positive change and advancing equity for all residents of St. Petersburg.

Cast Your Vote

St. Pete residents, review the projects below and cast your vote! Deadline to vote is June 12, 2024.

  • Vote In-Person: Pop-up displays will be located at the following locations from April 19 until June 12. Paper voting options will be available.

    • Enoch D. Davis Center, 1111 18th Ave. S.
    • J. W. Cate Recreation Center, 5801 22nd Ave. N.
    • Sunshine Senior Center, 330 5th St. N.
    • Willis S. Johns Recreation Center, 6635 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N.
    • Childs Park Recreation And Fitness Center, 4301 13th Ave. S.

fence out front of a house

Project 1: Cover St. Pete, A Roof Replacement Program

Introducing Cover St. Pete, A Roof Replacement Program - a transformative initiative aimed at providing relief to St. Pete homeowners burdened by aging roofs. Eligible roofs, aged 15 years or more or with less than 5 years of serviceable life remaining, qualify for replacement under this program. Homeowners with a household income at or below 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI) are eligible for funding up to $20,000 per home, with costs paid directly to contractors. This financial assistance is provided as a zero-interest deferred loan, recorded as a lien against the property and forgiven after 10 years of continuous ownership. Additionally, contractors are encouraged to participate in apprenticeship and training programs, with preference given to those who commit to such initiatives. Minority-Owned (MBE), Women-Owned (WBE), and Small Business (SBE) contractors are actively encouraged to certify with the program, promoting diversity and economic growth within the community. Join us in building stronger, safer homes for a brighter future in St. Pete.

GOAL: To replace roofs on about 50 homes that have less than five years of remaining useful life.


Police man talking to youth at discussion table

Project 2: Forward Together, A Youth Crime Prevention Program

Introducing Forward Together, A Youth Crime Prevention Program - a critical initiative designed to address the foundational causes of youth involvement in crime. With a primary focus on youth aged 12-17, this program emphasizes intervention through violence interruption using mental health and human services programs. Funding will support the deployment of social workers to work closely with entire families, facilitating holistic support and guidance. Additionally, resources will be allocated towards updating Community Resource Centers, providing overtime to Police Officers who partner with the social workers, and expanding tutoring services through PAL (Police Athletic League). The program enhances the current public safety Cadet Program through offering cadets (ages 18-21) part-time employment opportunities at the police department, fostering leadership and community engagement among young individuals. Together, these efforts aim to create safer communities by empowering our youth and providing them with the necessary support and opportunities for positive growth.

GOAL: To ensure St. Pete's youth have achievable pathways to success, and provide a safety net to prevent future crimes.


recreation pool with sign that says reserved for swim lessons

Project 3: Swim Smart & Library Lockers

As a waterfront community, with pools as a common recreational activity, knowing the ins-and-outs of water safety is vital for youth growing up in St. Pete. Swim Smart is an intentional partnership between Pinellas County Schools, St. Pete Parks and Recreation, and the community, with the intention to enhance safety and confidence among St. Pete elementary schoolchildren by equipping them with essential water safety skills and creating equitable access to swim lessons.

Launching in the Spring of FY25, this two-year program seeks to extend the swimming season and provide vital swim lessons to all elementary students interested in learning how to swim safely. By partnering with Pinellas County Schools and the Parks and Recreation Aquatics Division, transportation barriers to swim facilities will be removed, offering equal opportunities for all students regardless of socio-economic status or location.

In addition to swim lessons, this project also includes the installation of outdoor remote lockers for libraries. By extending library resources and services beyond traditional buildings, this initiative promotes literacy, community engagement, and convenience for residents, further enriching the fabric of our neighborhoods. Join us in creating a safer, more connected community where every child has the opportunity to thrive both in and out of the water.

GOAL: To create a safer and more equitable St. Pete.



Project 4: Dream Big Day, An MLK Day of Service

Introducing the Citywide Day of Service dedicated to the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In St. Petersburg. Communities from all walks of life will unite in a collective effort to serve and celebrate our city's rich culture. This inspiring initiative empowers residents to identify projects that benefit their communities, neighborhoods, or blocks, fostering inclusivity and meaningful engagement.

The overarching goal of this project is to mobilize thousands of individuals in a spirit of unity, togetherness, and purpose. By providing funding for small yet impactful activities proposed by both ordinary and extraordinary people, the city aims to create a day of caring that resonates deeply with all participants. From serving seniors in need to celebrating the vibrant diversity of our city, this day is a testament to the power of collective action and compassion.

Join us as we come together to honor Dr. King's legacy and make a tangible difference in the lives of our fellow residents. Together, we can transform our city into a beacon of kindness, empathy, and community spirit.

GOAL: Engage the St. Pete community to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


water tower in Crescent Lake

Project 5: Water Assistance for St. Petersburg Homeowners (WASH)

Introducing the Water Assistance for St. Petersburg Homeowners (WASH) program, an essential initiative aimed at providing support to homeowners in managing their utility bills. Designed to assist households with incomes at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), WASH seeks to alleviate financial burdens and promote stability within the community.

With a clear goal of reducing delinquent bills for homeowners in St. Petersburg, this program aims to provide timely and targeted assistance to those in need. By offering financial relief and support, WASH strives to ensure that all residents can maintain access to essential water services without facing undue hardship.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, WASH stands as a beacon of support for homeowners, fostering resilience and sustainability within our neighborhoods. Join us in working towards the mission for every homeowner in St. Petersburg to thrive without the worry of utility bill burdens.

GOAL: To reduce delinquent bills for St. Petersburg homeowners.