Education and Youth Opportunities

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EducationEducation & Youth Opportunities

We are focused on developing practical, real-world educational programs and youth opportunities leading to a better prepared and educated workforce. The Mayor’s Opportunity Agenda provides the roadmap to youth empowerment through mentorships, digital literacy and access, internships, and skills training in practical arenas like construction, plumbing, and auto repair.

Strategic Initiatives

These strategic initiatives guide our holistic approach to make real, lasting progress. They are multi-faceted tools that connect the dots with resources, partners, and the community.

  • Mayor's Commitment To Youth
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Programs, Projects, & Policies

Below are the programs, projects, or policies that are the results of the strategic initiatives. These are the tangible resources that make a real impact on the community.

  • Cohort of Champions
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  • Summer Reading
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  • Youth Opportunity Grants
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