City Vision

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Mayor Ken Welch's Vision for St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg will be a diverse, vibrant city guided by principled progress and intentional inclusivity, where innovation, partnerships, and ingenuity create opportunity for all.

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Principles For Accountable and Responsible Government

  • In-touch - our approach will be hands-on, active in the community, and collaborative with constituents
  • Inclusive - everyone will have a seat at the table, every constituent will be heard, and every employee will be valued
  • Innovation - we will embrace new technologies, new ideas, and creative partnerships to implement effective solutions and improve constituent services
  • Intentional Equity - we will incorporate equity into all policies, to ensure that our growth benefits our entire community
  • Informed Decision Making - we will be guided by best practices, facts, science, and our city's history.
  • Community Impact - we will ask the question "Will it improve the quality of life for the people of St. Petersburg?"

Pillars For Progress

Mayor Welch's 'Pillars For Progress' are at the foundation of everything we do. Click a badge below to find out more about progress being made in each pillar.



Education and Youth Opportunities

We are focused on developing practical, real-world educational programs and youth opportunities leading to a better prepared and educated workforce. The Mayor’s Opportunity Agenda provides the roadmap to youth empowerment through mentorships, digital literacy and access, internships, and skills training in practical arenas like construction, plumbing, and auto repair.


Arts Equitable Development, Arts, and Business Opportunities

We are committed to inclusive and intentional economic development that improves the quality of life for every resident in every neighborhood. Equitable Development means everyone in the community is invested in the City’s progress, not displaced by it. Every decision will be focused on creating new opportunities. Public-private partnerships, equitable funding for businesses and the arts, and City initiatives like the Community Benefits Program promote economic equity, attract innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs, and ensure our arts community continues to thrive in the diverse, vibrant atmosphere that is St. Petersburg.

Neighborhood Safety SealNeighborhood Health and Safety

We aim to create safer and healthier environments by investing in communities most impacted by poverty, inequity, and crime. Improving availability and accessibility to wholesome foods, health care, and social services, while reducing crime, gun violence and fear will provide more secure neighborhoods where our citizens will have the opportunity to thrive.


Housing Opportunities for All

Housing Affordability is a linchpin in our agenda. Better housing opportunities for all raises the level of daily living and pride among residents, creates strong neighborhoods and intentional equity, and creates a community - not just a place to eat and sleep. To purposefully impact the community, affordable housing programs provide greater incentives for qualified buyers to achieve first-time home ownership and encourage developers to construct more new housing for low- and moderate-income homeowners.


Environment, Infrastructure and Resilience

Embracing innovation to help solve challenges to our environment is a guiding principle of our Administration. With St. Petersburg on a bullseye for sea level rise that will impact every resident of our city, our priorities are protecting and preserving our environment; upgrading aging infrastructure; and ensuring resiliency to rising seas and hotter temperatures through shoreline restoration and alternative energy; investing in environmental technology; and creating codes and regulations that protect the fragile eco-balance in Tampa Bay.