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Traditional Streetscape

Brick Streets

St. Petersburg began its brick paving of streets in 1903. Since brick streets add charm and character to the neighborhoods, City Council passed its first resolution in 1992 protecting against their removal, including granite curbs. Brick streets are now protected within all National Register and local historic districts.

Hexblock Sidewalks

Hexagon blocks, six-sided and sometimes multi-colored stones, have been used for sidewalks in St. Petersburg since about 1914. Some are white, some gray, others blue, red, green, or yellow. Hexblock sidewalks are protected within, and adjacent to, historic districts, hexagon block preservation districts, and landmarks.

Hexblock Sidewalks, Supply

The City maintains a supply of historic hexblock pavers for maintenance and repairs, where needed. Hexblock pavers are not available for purchase at this time. Any questions, call the Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Department at 727-893-7421.

Hexblock Sidewalks, Overlay District

In 1992, City Council established an overlay process to protect hexblock sidewalks located outside of designated National Register and local historic districts. The City currently has one overlay district, known as the Old Southeast Hexagon Block Preservation District. For more information, please see Section of the Historic Preservation Ordinance or contact city staff.

Tree Protection and Removal

Mature trees, some dating to early years of neighborhood development, are a living part of our historic fabric. Tree protection and removal is regulated by Section Please contact the Municipal Arborist at 727-893-4249 for more information.

Traditional Streetscape Section of LDRs

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