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African American Heritage Trail

The African American Heritage Trails in St. Petersburg, Florida, are walking tours of downtown neighborhoods. They provide individuals, groups, and classes with an overview of  African American influence on the history of the city. Nineteen markers covering more than a dozen city blocks provide details about the history of the African American community in St. Petersburg. 

Both trails begin at the Carter G. Woodson Museum at 2240 9th Ave South

The African-American Heritage Project identifies the people and places significant to African-American history in St. Petersburg. Many areas of the city were identified, however the first phase of the project focuses on the neighborhood surrounding 22nd Street S. and includes businesses, churches, schools, social clubs, cemeteries, houses, and recreation areas. Although there is an emphasis on existing properties, some important places that were demolished are also identified.

The story of African Americans in St. Petersburg begins with the pioneers and the arrival of the first African Americans in 1868 and weaves through the civil rights era ending in 1968.

Heritage Walking Trails

The two urban walking trails provide a small glimpse into the varied culture of this South St. Petersburg neighborhood. The 22nd Street S. trail is titled "Community, Culture, and Commerce" and focuses on the rich cultural heritage of the neighborhood, community leaders, landmark businesses, and the evolution from the Jim Crow era to desegregation and the Civil Rights Movement. The 9th Avenue S. trail is titled "Faith, Family, and Education" and delves into the more personal aspects of life in the community, highlighting the local schools, housing stock, community organizations, and churches that enriched the social fabric of the neighborhood. 

heritage walking trails

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